Zeepin BM 800 professional condenser microphone with stand

Bought Zeepin condenser microphone bm-800 complete with stand for 1,800 rubles on Aliexpress. Now, in order.

For these ridiculous (by the standards of such equipment professional segment) we get a very rich complete set, namely:

  • microphone;
  • long cord (3 meters);
  • pop filter;
  • adjustable stand with mounting on a table;
  • 2 fix the microphone (spider and some kind of microphone from a karaoke, it is not clear why).

Looks quite decent, metal body, plastic microphone at all. Inside of a full charge, not the two wires and membrane.

The contents

  • Stand and sound card
  • Food
  • The sound quality
  • Where to buy
  • Video
  • Stand and sound card

    Stand is adjustable in all planes, despite the fact that the microphone is quite heavy, holds without any problems, which was a pleasant surprise. Additionally it should be bought for 50 rubles an external sound card if your computer sound card is weak, as in my case.


    A condenser microphone and needs additional «phantom power», i.e. you should connect via an optional device that supplies 48V on the MIC, but that’s the theory…

    In practice, everything is easier, card for 50 rubles solves this problem, saving us a couple of thousand. As a result, for 1850 rubles, I got a completely ready to use kit.

    A microphone with a directional membrane, therefore, before proceeding to record, it needs to be put on the rack in the appropriate position relative to the sound source.

    Otherwise, instead of the voice will be recorded all the background noise that is not clean in any way. Select the position is not difficult empirically, but this is important, because the membrane is really sensitive.

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    The sound quality

    The recording was made in an ordinary living room, without homologically, with the exception of complete pop filter. Pleased with the quality, will be easy competition for the microphones of an average price category, but it writes really all. Very sensitive.

    After basic noise removal in Audacity or another sound program sound Studio. Without the sound card does not convey the richness of voice and tone, to improve quality can be connected via a mixing console or a powerful sound card, but external quite well.

    Where to buy

    Bought on Aliexpress here. The parcel went about a month, but brought the transport company CDEC, the courier handed over personally in hands, and not at the receipt, and brought to work, preliminary having called me. Despite the fact that the shipping was free.

    Stand and microphone in different boxes, a little creased but inside is padded with a thick foam. The product I recommend, importantly, buy from trusted sellers.