Youth column Mifa A10 in the style of «Graffiti»

Today I will talk about column mifa A10 bought on sale in Aliexpress on this page, on the reviews people wrote that plays worse than JBL 3.

Well, let’s see, fast delivery, just four days day from the date of purchase, that is, twenty-ninth I think, twenty eight I ordered, the second day she was in my arms brought Listexpression with delivery in Ukraine, that is the seller on Aliexpress, you could choose many countries such as: China, Ukraine, Russian Federation, United States of America, Spain .

Also the seller has a lot of colors. I chose graffiti, cheerful combination of colors! When unpacking protective packaging, we will see the stylish black packaging with yellow lettering and a very rich set within

Immediately we were met by manual, surprisingly she was quite thick in many languages on the use of the product, but, unfortunately, Russian was not.

In the next compartment of the box we can see the wires, one microUSB (for charging speakers, about 25cm), the second for a wired connection to the device (miniJack 3.5), this allows you to connect to your computer, and any other device that has a 3.5 miniJack hole.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. About the sound
  3. Characteristics and parameters
  4. Video


When you see the column you are quite shocked because of its relatively low cost you get such beautiful and high quality item.

The control buttons are on top, the control panel indication for power on Bluetooth, suspension and playback volume.

Though the column Mifa A10 and plastic, but very pleasant to the touch, this side claims the product to no.

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On the side, on the verge of a column written characteristics of the product, on one of the faces is small but nice suction Cup which can hold the column vertically and even parallel to the floor, but there is one problem — the suction cups will only adhere to a smooth surface.

About the sound

At the expense of sound a very interesting story, this is the best sound that we can hear from speakers of this price range, perfectly fulfills medium and high and low notes. Quickly connected, as the phone and personal computer and TV.

At autonomy, we can say that it is flawless, personally, I have a column Mifa A10 plays up to 10 hours. Thus charge in about 2 hours.

Also she has a great water resistance, thanks to the gag, which protects all the ports, you can safely submerge under the water and not to worry.

Also from the pros it is possible to make that it’s super loud, 10 dB talking about myself.

Characteristics and parameters

And now you can go to the characteristics

  • Brand mifa.
  • Built-in Li-ion battery.
  • You can use disposable batteries and external DC supply from a 220 Volt outlet or from the cigarette lighter of the car.
  • The maximum RMS power is 25 Watts, with the most real watts!
  • Channels stereo 2 (2.0)
  • Connect AUX BLUETOOTH adapter.
  • Support for memory cards microSD.
  • Built-in and very good MIC, even better than many phones.
  • Case material speakers — soft plastic and metal
  • Unfortunately, there is no voice control, but via built-in microphone, you can control Siri, Alice, Google etc. on your smartphone or computer.
  • Plays files MP3.
  • The frequency range of 50Hz-20kHz.
  • There is no remote control.
  • Full-range speaker per channel.
  • There is a resistance, what is very good.
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Again, bought the Mifa column A10 on Aliexpress here. I recommend wireless headphones TWS i12 is a complete copy Apple AirPods and powerbank Rock Slim.