Yarboly 60W soldering iron with adjustable power

Ordered a soldering iron 220 volts with a capacity of 60 watts on Aliexpress with temperature regulation (power) on the arm 452 of the ruble brand Yarboly. You can choose sets and more expensive with additional tools: a stand, tweezers, magnifying glass, clips boards etc.

Shipping picked free. The package came quickly enough in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The soldering iron has a standard European plug, but you can choose another one, packaged in a conventional package.

There was also a set of additional removable pressed in quantities of five pieces. Instrument working temperature can be adjusted from two hundred to four hundred fifty degrees Celsius.

Soldering iron tips, and shapes, well captured tin (solders). Soldering with Yarboly very convenient!

Soldering iron good in the hand due to rubberized handle. Plastic, of which the body is not flimsy, at the end of the handle rubber insert that the cable is not kinked. To adjust the temperature and power very easily. Didn’t even know that it was her I always wanted!

Inside the case Yarboly there is a led that indicates the work and set the desired temperature.

Of the minuses can be noted a short length of wire. But overall, satisfied with the product. Often used for soldering different electrical circuits. Again, took it on Aliexpress here on this page. Also can you recommend an inexpensive soldering station YIHUA and T4 Mega328 tester for transistors, capacitors and other components.

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