Xiaomi — WiFi signal amplifier

Decided to order a amplifier WI-FI signal — Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier Pro, because in the apartment of the parents in a corner room the signal was uncertain. Caught only by the door and the opposite wall WI-FI constantly falls off. The cost was around$ 10, free shipping, came to Minsk in 23 days.

Bought Ali here on this page.

Included was the booster itself, instruction in Chinese and English, two adapter under our outlet. Adapter average quality, the amplifier in the socket is held tentatively, but if not hurt, that in itself will not fall off. Box in the standard style Saami.

Set up according to the instructions from the Internet using the phone and apps Xiaomi Mi Home, just connected to the existing network, chose the name of the new network, set a password.

There was information that for successful operation it is necessary to put mainland China in application settings location, but I went with the default settings.

WI-FI signal is great, catches steadily throughout the apartment. The connection speed is lower than directly, but it is almost imperceptible.

On the street, at a distance of 100 meters from the house the signal level from the modem of the operator – 2 sticks, from the amplifier Xiaomi 4 sticks. Is stable, is not practically observed gaps, except one case: for half an hour the connection was off for 15-20 seconds and connect again.

Overall the device is stable, really increases the level of WI-FI signal. The cost is not large, at the level of nonam repeaters. Of the minuses only a flimsy plug adapters that can be easily corrected rare loss of signal.

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Again, I bought it on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend a cheap external SSD with USB 3 ports and Type-C.