Xiaomi Soocas Toothbrush X3

Toothbrush Xiaomi Soocas X3 ordered for herself and her husband as a gift for the New year on Aliexpress here on this page. The order issued December 8, 2018, came brush 11 Jan 2019. At the time of ordering, the price was 2629,36 rubles.

Paid direct debit VISA card. Shipping is free, was carried out by Mail of Russia. When ordering from the estimated date of delivery was specified in the district 35-58 days, so have no complaints.

Brush Xiaomi was carefully Packed in several layers of polyethylene, followed by a cardboard box, inside lay the brush itself, a charger, two nozzles (one with a spray cap for storage) and manual (in Chinese).

The contents

  1. Ease of use
  2. Connection
  3. Video

Ease of use

The brush has been charged to the minimum. Immediately after obtaining put it on charge, then to the present time, two and a half months, the brush has never been charged.

Brush itself has a European certificate of quality, quite heavy, non-slip in hand, has four modes of operation (there are special modes for whitening and for sensitive teeth), removes plaque at the expense of acoustic wave and vibration movements.

The feeling after cleaning is comparable to the feeling after profligacy at the dentist, the tooth surface becomes very smooth.

When ordering you can choose three colors: white, Golden pink and black. Choosing black was afraid that the surface will be covered with bloom from the water and will look unattractive, but in fact the coating has a very presentable appearance throughout use.

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You can connect the Xiaomi Soocas X3 to the phone via Bluetooth. The app shows degree of teeth cleaning (a dubious feature), how much charge, when it comes time to replace your brush head tooth beads.

You can save individual settings for mode and cleaning time in the phone. I doopsie not in use, husband uses it and is happy. While complaints to the product no. Once again, took on Aliexpress here.

And remember: only brush your teeth is not enough, you need at least once in three months to visit the dentist at least once a month to do cleaning of the mouth special the irrigator Waterpulse V300. And interchangeable tips recommend taking the same on Ali, here’s an overview of sockets.