Xiaomi smart watch Mijia Quartz Watch

When selecting the hours for a gift, stayed on the hybrid model Xiaomi Mijia quartz watch.

This model perfectly combines the stylish classic watches with some smart functions (alarm, notifications, reminders, and pedometer).

Sync to smartphone Asus on the seventh Android.

On AliExpress website had an offer with the lowest price — 45 dollars using coupons at a discount (booking is made at this link ).

The seller sent the package the next day, the delivery lasted 25 days in Kiev through the New post. Packed in a rigid box form, of the damage it would be difficult.

During delivery tracking system worked perfectly, so at any stage it was possible to trace the goods. Immediately after the acknowledgement of receipt the seller sent an additional instruction about syncing with your smartphone in English and was ready to answer any questions in the process.

The contents

  1. Appearance and quality
  2. App
  3. Video

Appearance and quality

Xiaomi smart watch Mijia Quartz Watch medium size, excellent sit on the male and female hand black color allows you to wear clothing of different colors, the leather strap is of good quality and easily replaceable connection with a smartphone via Bluetooth, charging not required inside small replaceable battery which lasts for about half a year.

In General, the technical part, Xiaomi is implemented just fine, no complaints. Neither in appearance nor the same quality as a cheap classic brands.


There are nuances with the software part. To connect to a phone need to install the Mi Home app and already using it to configure the functionality and time zone. So, this app is still raw and not working fine with all smartphones, although the characteristics should work with Android versions 4.4 and above.

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I don’t know about others, but in the case of Asus notifications «is not supported on this device».

There remains except to wait until the finished app itself or connect to other devices.

Everything else works fine. The pedometer on the watch is reset to zero at midnight, all statistics are in the Appendix. Despite the fact that the calls do not work on the replacement of the speech was not because the technical side and design, and everything else works fine and no complaints there.

Again, the order for Xiaomi smart watch Quartz decorations on Aliexpress in here. The closest they rival watch Diggro Di10 with Bluetoth.