Xiaomi Redmi 3S — a masterpiece for your money!

Saami (or Xiaomi) is increasingly conquering the markets of the world, is no exception and the Russian online market of gadgets. People like timely updates, reliable quality, modern minimalistic design and of course low price.

So I decided to order the Xiaomi Redmi 3S camera, your review and honest opinion after using it for a while provide you with.

Product was ordered on AliExpress website 22.01.2017 year at a price of 7 605 rubles. The seller processed and dispatched the goods the same day. In Moscow the phone was delivered by AliExpress service Standard Shipping 31.01.2017, and then — in the Stavropol Krai 07.02.2017 Russian post. Tecnomar issued by the seller, were monitored for the whole route of the goods.

The contents

  1. Unboxing and appearance
  2. The first switch and features
  3. Review and opinion
  4. Video

Unboxing and appearance

Camera data

Taking the parcel from the post office and get home, immediately started unpacking the parcel. The seller from Aliexpress I want to say a special thank you for the package. The phone was placed in a special air container, which means that he was not afraid to shock and rough handling during transportation. Bought here on the official page of Xiaomi.

In the package were the following items:

  1. Directly the phone.
  2. Charger.
  3. Adapter outlet Russian standard.
  4. Special key for removing the tray for SIM cards.
  5. And as a bonus from the seller, was entitled to a protective film for the screen.

Package contents of the package, the protective film is already pasted on the phone

Just made an inspection apparatus for scratches. All protective film was in place and no damage on phone I discovered. But there was the most exciting moment – the first inclusion.

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Rear view with the removed protective film on the camera.

The first switch and features

Before turning on the machine, opened the tray using a special key (balkanci) and inserted a SIM card.

The phone supports two possible combinations: a mini SIM card and micro SD card or mini SIM card and micro SIM card. Since this device has 16 GB of internal memory, although there are little more than a decade, I decided to abandon the use of memory cards and took the tray with the SIM cards.

Phone is on normally, the battery was charged halfway. After all the settings and Wi – Fi connectivity on the phone immediately offered to upgrade.

Enabled and updated to the latest firmware version of the phone

Review and opinion

The update was placed about half an hour, after that Android version was 6.0.1 MMB29M, and the version of MIUI was the Global After that more recent updates have not yet been reported.

Then started to test the screen, speaker and battery.

Video running in Full HD quality, the phone draws no complaints. The two-hour film for maximum brightness of the screen and a decent volume level the phone was reproduced, not even warmed up, the battery lost only 40 percent of its charge.

Felt that its capacity is 4000 mA*hours. In active use and surfing the Internet for at least 4 hours per day battery life in two days.

The only drawback is not quite correct operation of the sensor for auto brightness of the screen, it always dims the screen a bit, which for me is not very convenient. But manual adjustment corrects this deficiency.

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Separately want to praise the speaker phone, it really is very loud. If set to maximum volume, it is easy to hear in the car, in which loud music is playing. But I do reduce the volume by half, in order not to scare colleagues when I get a call.

About gaming performance I can say the following, set a single game Word of Tanks Blitz, on medium settings the game just flies, but at maximum settings is really starting to slow down.

The Wi – Fi module works just fine, 4G network also keeps stable. The fingerprint scanner can accommodate a maximum of five fingers, which I think is enough. The main camera has 16 megapixels full, in natural light the photos are good, but at night and in artificial light the a bit of some grains.

Selfie (front) camera features on-Board 5 megapixels and with its responsibilities to cope with a Bang.

Generally about the work of all inner modules of flaws or drawbacks I haven’t discovered.

In the hand unit is very comfortable and not trying to slip and the metal body pleasantly cools the hand.

Comfortably held in the hand

To sum up, I want to say that this phone exceeded all my expectations and it is worth the money.

View the product card and price on Aliexpress >>