Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale White — electronic floor scales

In my opinion, absolutely everyone need to take care of your health and to keep fit and there is a huge amount of gadgets that will help us to obtain and organize information about our activity and health. One such device – Xiaomi Mi smart scales Smart Scale.

The idea of buying weights that can be synchronized with a smartphone, I had long ago.

I chose from many options and it is cheaper to buy from China. My choice fell on model Mi Smart Scale from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

These scales can be synchronized with a proprietary app and show weight data, synchronize them to analyze data and give advice. A little later, Xiaomi unveiled the second version of the data weights, which added a bunch of new features, which I will now tell you.

The contents

  1. Where to buy Xiaomi scales
  2. Quality and convenience
  3. The Mi Fit application and connection with a smartphone
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. The results

Where to buy Xiaomi scales

This scale is worth 2800 rubles, but now they are a bit more expensive and cost from 3 thousand rubles. I bought on Aliexpress from the seller on this page with pretty good reviews, and the rating was 4.9 out of 5, which is very good.

Free shipping, package came for me «Mail of Russia» 21 days, 10 days of which she was in China, were monitored constantly, about delivery service in China can not say.

Libra came in a box that resembles a box of pizza. The kit had to go batteries AAA size, which scales work, but they «seized» at customs. Inside the box lay themselves scales and a brief manual.

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Quality and convenience

Now more about the scales…

They are just lovely: white matte plastic, led screen and four silver circle at the corners, which I will discuss later.

Weight: 1.6 kg, weighing range from 5 to 150 kg measurement Units: kg, lbs and Chinese csini. A wireless Bluetooth 4, communicates with devices on the Android operating system Android 4.4 and IOS 8 and above.

The Mi Fit application and connection with a smartphone

In order to activate your Libra, you need to download the Mi Fit app from the app store on your smartphone and register an account. Next you will be asked to provide some information about yourself: age, height.

After that you need through the menu to add a device (in this case Libra) and follow the prompts on the phone.

After the balance is activated, you can use them standalone without a phone. In Libra there is no memory, so the data without a phone are not synchronized. Now more about the «silver circles».

In addition to measurement of body weight, the scales can measure body fat, water and monthly mass in the body. Data «roundels» are sent in the body of impulses that measure the level of water, fat, calcium, muscle mass and some other data in your system.

This all happens almost instantly, within 2-3 seconds and you will get the data to your smartphone. This is a very cool feature not found in most competitors.

The level of fat and water – key indicators, to determine which clinical conditions by a procedure that is similar to this, but last about 10 minutes. Here you can get the same thing, but for 5 seconds.

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Talk about the pros.

First, graceful design. On the floor, the scales look very nice and look very high-tech. Ignorant people can receive the device for the laptop or a robot vacuum.

Second, sync with phone with Android or iOS. The data come automatically in the app (if they open) and allow you to analyze your weight, the data’s secure and nobody will be able to access this data.

Thirdly, data on fat and water in the body, you need to know losing weight people and athletes.

Fourthly, price. Scales cost 3000 rubles, with such functionality it is very inexpensive. Moreover, the scale operates on batteries, they do not need to charge, and with daily use set of batteries will last for a year or more.


Of the minuses can be noted that the scales sometimes freezes and does not transmit data to the application, this is solved by rebooting the phone or you can wait for 10-15 minutes. Also scales a bit not accurate and show the weight of 150-250 grams less than it really is.

Sometimes the scales can sometimes be a bug and they show weight 2-3 kg less, but just enough to leave the platform scales and weigh-in again.

The results

In General I would say that it’s incredibly comfortable and functional solution for those who care about their health, their weight and for those people who love cool gadgets.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Libra Smart Scale White on Aliexpress with free shipping over 5-15 days around here.