Xiaomi Mi Aqara Magic Cube — the smart cube the smart home

This product was purchased for five hundred rubles here on this page on Aliexpress, the delivery time amounted to twenty-seven days, with the delivery made simple parcel by Russian Post.

The device is a remote control system of «smart home» Xiaomi or its separate parts according to the Zigbee Protocol, that is, it requires a gateway without which the Magic Cube will not work.

As for features, the Magic Cube is compact, lightweight and easy to manage. No problems syncs with any smartphone via a special app Xiaomi.

The radius of at least 5 metres from the gateway (3 meters subject to the action through the wall thickness of 10 centimeters).

In General, in relation to the goods identified the following pros and cons:


  • Low price
  • Small size – just take it on the bedside table or under your pillow.
  • 6 functional gestures allow you to take operational control of the most popular operations of «smart home».


  • White plastic case turned out to be pretty easily soiled.
  • Gesture command «double impact» doesn’t always work.

Despite the minor disadvantages should definitely buy cube Magic Cube Mi Aqara all owners of smart devices from Xiaomi, but keep in mind that if you have small children it will be their favorite «toy»!

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