Xiaomi Mi A1 — elegant and sophisticated smartphone from Xiaomi

Phone Xiaomi Mi A1 was my first expensive purchase on the site Aliexpress. I have long doubted whether to buy directly from China, but still the temptation to save money won in me)). Telephone long wait was not necessary, just a couple of weeks the device was already in the mail)

First impression was positive, a phone with a large display, thin and with a beautiful design. Due to the thin metal body of the smartphone looks very elegant and sophisticated.

The contents

  1. Appearance and convenience
  2. Camera and photo quality
  3. Power and applications
  4. Battery and case

Appearance and convenience

In his hand is good, although women’s hands are somewhat big, especially in comparison to my previous Saami redmi 3 PRO with a five-inch display, but the dimensions of the new device used.

The display of Xiaomi Mi A1 is large and bright, color-contrast and saturated, the screen is colorful, the picture looks great. The first time I could not see enough on the screen of my new phone, directly attracted look.

The sound from Saami is also very rich, without wheezing and other noises, volume in abundance, listening to headphones at full volume. And without headphones with the sound and volume is all right. And all this for a relatively small price))).

In my model 32 GB of memory, more did not take, because such a volume, I basically have enough «head». On the smartphone I don’t play, and not a big fan of taking pictures and video, so the built-in memory is enough for me.

But for those who need a lot of memory, you can expand due to the memory card… But for her special slot, you can use one of the slots for SIM cards, although it is not very convenient… you Have to choose either two SIM cards or a large amount of memory and one SIM card… But I have no such problem, so I don’t pay attention to it.

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Camera and photo quality

Camera the phone is good, pictures are clear, bright and colorful due to the dual camera – for me it is a novelty, I really did not understand how it all works.

Resolution main camera is 12 megapixels and the front camera is 5, although on my old phone too, so the resolution of the cameras was, but the quality of photos is very different, apparently still affected by the availability of dual camera.

I still really with the camera did not understand and did not set, but default setting is enough for me for those photos what I’m doing. By the way, loved that camera quickly catches the focus, not blurry pictures, even small text is easy to read with photos. So I have to claim the camera is not. I even fell in love with self))

Power and applications

Due to the powerful processor loads all the apps and browser quickly. But I didn’t really like «naked» Android. Many are satisfied that there is nothing superfluous, but to me the standard program is not enough.

All the basic apps you need to download, even the built-in player was not… if the previous phone everything immediately, even my own scanner, then I had to upload themselves, which are subsequently reflected in the phone memory and its functionality.

I think because of the abundance of programs, smart Xiaomi Mi A1 is not as nimble, though I don’t upload much, even games are almost there… besides some of the bend began to slow down, do not always have notification from social networks, because of the load the phone just does not respond to the message, he reflects, but no sound notification, which is not very like me… also phone on their own alert sound can be replaced just on vibrate…

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I first is connected with the fact that for a small charge, it saves power and therefore turns off the alert, but then this was repeated, and with full battery…

This problem I solve with a reboot, as you do not want a long climb on the phone and understand what it is. But honestly, it’s a bit annoying…

Battery and case

Another minus – is capacious enough battery, if the previous phone was kept safely for 3-4 days, then Xiaomi Mi A1 holds a stretch of just half a day or two, and then if not much juzat. If you watch the video and listen to music, and surf on the Internet, you will have to charge every day.

I did not like that very hot body when watching videos and running powerful games… But this is a problem of all androids…

Summing up we can say that in General, the phone, with the exception of minor flaws, very good, especially in the ratio price-quality, and also very stylish and beautiful. I give him 4 out of 5 because all of these shortcomings completely solved).

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