Xiaomi 70 Minutes — car DVR

70 Minutes Xiaomi WiFi Smart Car DVR is a recorder with its irreplaceable advantages relative to many other models of car cameras. Let’s see, what is this device, whether it is worth buying and if Yes, where to do it better. Let’s begin with the stated specifications of the manufacturer…

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  • Camera SONY IMX323 5-6 MP.;
  • The quality of shooting Full HD 1080P 1920×1080 pixels, video compression codec H. 264.
  • Viewing angle — 130 degrees;
  • Support Wi-Fi;
  • The battery 240 mAh;
  • A weight of 101 grams.

The Registrar has their own app for mobile devices, optimized specifically for this model. At the time of shooting the video below was just the Android app, however, at the time of writing this article has already appeared and the app at the Apple Store for iPhones and iPads.


The contents are fairly scarce, nothing more, but at the same time, all you need is:

  • The DVR Xiaomi;
  • The power supply from the cigarette lighter;
  • The microUSB cord is quite long so you can route the cable under the trim on the windshield and on the back;
  • Manual only in Chinese.


As always, the company Xiaomi made some pretty good decisions during the development of this device. First, mount to the windshield is provided through a special film, if necessary, to shift or just lifting off the glass, the latter do not remain any traces.

Built-in camera Sony provides very clear videos even at night with the most suitable for registrars viewing angle of 130 degrees. This is just information for those who like to be used for recording motion video of the car your smartphone. Unfortunately, smartphones are not designed for this, and their angle standard, which significantly reduces the capture area.

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Someone can say that the inbuilt battery is quite weak — only 240 mAh, but let’s think, because the device must constantly eat from the car battery and a built-in battery is needed only for a short time in case of emergency, for example, in the accident in the forehead, when the vehicle battery is disconnected. Also, it is necessary to remove carefully a few seconds and turn off after the ignition is turned off.

Sensor G-sensor allows for the separate recording files when the shaking and bumps into a separate folder that is protected from overwriting and formatting. Also, it can turn on the logger with the power off, if, for example, in the yard or parked car will hit, grind, etc.


  • Price;
  • H264 is probably the most advanced compression format today. Allows you to record really a lot of videos on the memory card;
  • Own stable app for iOS and Android, called 70MAI DASH CAM;
  • A large number of settings, a hidden reset button to the factory settings;
  • Tough reliable mount with an interesting unique solution (in the video below);
  • The presence of G-sensor — sensor shock and shaking.


Of the minuses can be noted the lack of horizontal rotation, there is only a vertical adjustment. Also, missing even the smallest screen. To view video from the device you need to connect your smartphone via wi-fi. Perhaps because of this hardship, managed to save money and make the price of the device is quite low, despite the high quality matrix Sony the camera.

By the way, the camera can be controlled and voice, but she only understands Chinese))) But if there is a desire to learn a few key phrases, everyone can, at the same time surprise your friends with your knowledge of one of the oldest languages in the world!

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The device 70 Minutes Xiaomi Smart WiFi Car DVR proved to be very useful and reliable with easy controls using unique software. Of course, this is a budget DVR and it has no built-in screen, for those who are not used to use a smartphone and uses a simple phone, this could be a problem.

Where to buy

Of course, as always it is best and more profitable to buy from Xiaomi official representative on Aliexpress with free shipping, it can be done here. Just choose the lowest price of the proposed order.

Detailed review


  • 10:37 about the mounting;
  • 12:23 instructions for use;
  • 14:52 parsing application 70MAI DASH CAM manual to it;
  • 16:23 look at the quality of shooting.