Wooden wrist watch Bobo Bird

My name is Michael. I’m from the city of Pskov. Want to leave your opinion about new wooden wrist watch Bobo Bird.

I needed a watch. But not normal, and something original. Since we now have the trend in the goods from Aliexpress, and they are really thousands, I decided to order there.

I didn’t want to buy copies of expensive watches simply because they are on hand every second. And I don’t like that cheap watches are issued for the original.

In General, decided to look for something unusual and at the same time stylish. My budget was not very big, but in Aliexpress, there are products for every taste and budget. Firms Naviforce Watch did not want to take — they are beautiful, «powerful», but I wanted more originality.

Went into the category «men’s watch», a long time choosing from the variety of products and, finally, my choice fell on a watch from the Bobo Bird, read reviews for those hours and…

Why are they? Let me explain.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Japanese movement
  3. Official website


Watch from a real manufacturer. It’s a big production. Located in China. Do not be afraid of Chinese goods. Now all global brands transferred their production to China. There are cheaper, and the quality does not suffer.

Watch Bobo Bird original. Few can boast of such a timepiece on your hand. Look very nice. Inserts from a natural tree.

Japanese movement

Though the hours and quartz movement, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of uninterrupted operation for several years (without battery change). The fact is that the mechanism in the clock is from a Japanese company Miyota, and this company puts their mechanisms and on the global brand watches.

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They come in a wooden box. It’s very cool. Everything smells of wood and all natural.

All the buttons work. This is not a dummy as a cheap watch. Stopwatch, date, hands on hour and seconds dials are working.

Clear instruction and special devices to reduce the bracelet, if the bracelet is great. By the way, the bracelet is very comfortable opens and closes.
The watch is very comfortable sitting on the hand, to the extent they are massive and the amount of such as need to feel that your watch is. If anyone wants to see, here is the link to the watch in Aliexpress.

Official website

Separately want to say about the delivery. Ordered on the official website of the manufacturer on Aliexpress here: website Bobo Bird. That’s why I’m not worried about the quality, packaging and delivery time.

Free shipping. Wooden clock walked up to me days 14 – 15. I received in the mail without any problems. Everything is packaged securely, as the clock in a wooden box, nothing is wrinkled, everything reached me safely.

Yes, they have a lot of different watches with wooden inserts. Both male and female. So if your looking to gift your beloved, friends or relatives, that such a watch can be a great choice. Their entire list of products you can view the official here.

I’m happy with my purchase. More than once will be to order goods from Aliexpress.