Wooden watch Bobo Bird from the official store

The guy was scheduled birthday, I wanted to give him something original. He wanted his watch, and, in General, I clung to this idea. In regular stores in town for a really good watch just for exorbitant prices. So I thought it would be better to order from Aliexpress, since it is possible to find good things for little money.

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Came across watch brand Bobo Bird. The link to the official shop in Aliexpress.

I ordered this model, but the choice is really huge, for every taste and color. So, in addition to male models, there is a great selection and women.

I liked that they are made of wood, it is very unusual (we are are the order of 77$). Also it would be difficult to break if accidentally drop. Actually decided to order them. Wrote to the seller to get Packed, as it’s still a gift. I wanted to come to a complete safe and sound.

Where to buy

Birthday at the end of November, so I ordered them in advance — October 15, as already mentioned above — with the official representative on Aliexpress.

Two days later came a message from the seller that the goods have been sent, and he sent me the tracking number of the parcel. They were less than a month, very pleased. 8 Nov watch was mine.

Goods bought with a discount, at a price of$ 18. Now the price of even lower. The premise for the entire time they were tracked. Just want to mention the fact that delivery is made by courier directly to your door. The courier contacted me in advance and we discussed my preferred date and time of delivery. I was very surprised. So as much as I ordered on Aliexpress, the delivery was the first time. Most importantly — free.

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Honestly, I was afraid that the goods in transit is damaged, but this, fortunately, has not happened since the parcel was well Packed (in a box of cardboard, which was all wrapped in duct tape and inside and even perhaps the package).

Watch was in a cardboard box, with the logo of the brand Bobo Bird. Inside the box, in addition to hours on a cushion, was the liner, something like a key FOB and manual in English. The glass had a protective film.

Glass is made of high impact plastic. The watch case is made from bamboo, strap and really was leather (or high quality leather, is not different, if you do not understand), very pleasant to the touch and stretches well. Sit comfortably on your wrist, regulated to the desired length. Cap tightly screwed from the back side small screws.

Watch although looks bulky, but the arm almost not felt, very light. 20-30 grams, approximately. Smell like many things ordered from China, they do not. The smell of varnish and wood.


The watch is made very qualitatively and accurately. The arrows on the hours at first did not go, stood plugged. I thought it was a good decision, it is interesting invented by the manufacturer in order to not sit battery. The same advantage is quartz movement, the watch do not need to start.

Despite the fact that the dial is dark in color, clearly visible arrows, which, moreover, are illuminated in the dark. The only drawback is that they have no protection. But this is mere detail. They look very presentable.

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Overall, very happy with my purchase. Watch exceeded my expectations. They don’t look cheap clock on Aliexpress. It was a good gift for his birthday, which is the same as I liked my young man. Environmentally friendly, high-quality watches for a low price. It’s a godsend. It should be noted that for a few months everyday wear appearance hours are not damaged. On the glass no scratches, and the strap at the bending place not rubbed. Again, bought here.