Wooden music box handmade with individual engraving

Very long time looking for a unique gift for your spouse for a round date, and my eyes fell on an interesting box with an engraving from the popular anime movie «howl’s moving castle«.

The box is made of maple wine — red and that I was not pleased, the seller offers free your sketch or the picture to order any engraving.

I chose the one that you see in the pictures with the recognition. With this privilege we can say that the gift will fit into any occasion and also for advertising brands, branding and gifts on February 14 «Valentine’s Day»!

Inside the box interesting square mechanism under its shape, and the bottom lever for winding, also closed the lid of the box on the magnet. The seller has 5 melodies to choose from, mine stopped at «the Carousel of life» at number 5 ( from «howl’s moving castle» ) the tune plays for about 1 — 2 minutes, the sound is crisp.

At the time of purchase the price was 1300 rubles, the order made on Aliexpress here on this page. The delivery lasted about a month through the Mail of Russia — no more, also it can be tracked by track number. The seller is always helpful and quick to respond to my messages.

Musical wooden box was well Packed against damage in bubble wrap, in a cardboard box under it with a pattern of notes in beautiful gift paper with a purple bow around, well, just finished the gift turns out!

Was scared to unpack, to check the quality of the order, but in fact all very easy and neat, you can open and back to wrap up, if you adapt. Overall, I recommend this box to those who want to surprise a loved one’s individual greetings and melodious memory of you.

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