Womens winter coats

Very long wanted a coat, cute and not expensive. Before ordering the coat, I saw the estimated prices in the shops. I was in shock when they saw where some 8,000 rubles, somewhere at 15,000 rubles.

Eventually went on Alliexpress, I decided to compare prices, a huge difference, the choice of the rich, different colors and everything is cool the pictures look a little scary, you know about China may be many things but ordered (if you decide to take, here is a link to that seller).

Decided to try, come what may. For reviews is also a good rating from the seller was. Seller was communicative, because I didn’t know his size, he was advised at its discretion. I have not made a purchase over 1000 rubles, he me and then reassured, sent a tracking number in advance that I will be able to track the parcel.

Ordering was monitored, but mail of Russia, somewhere managed my parcel to lose, I had to go to the office and write a statement, she was very upset, waited so much and you… thought not destiny, but strangely quickly found the parcel, even stopped ringing and asked me to come. In the end the delivery was to St. Petersburg in about 3 weeks (combined with the loss). The coat was Packed almost three cellophane))))

When I got home, was delighted. At the height of quality, all are stitched, a bit of thread sticking out, but that’s okay, attached should be a belt and fur collar (faux fur), the fur and belt can be removed and dress. And there’s a tag in the shop (see photo), it’s probably to be able to sell in stores. I think this coat is perfect shoes Hevxm and here’s a shirt-blouse with embroidery.

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Looks the business style and rich, like a businesswoman))).

My point is this…guys!!! Order and don’t be afraid, it is better than to overpay in the store, it’s better to wait a bit. Again, ordered on Aliexpress here.