Womens trimmer Kemei 5 in 1

In this review we will focus on the electric trimmer «Kemei 5 in 1» for women.

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  1. Where to buy
  2. Overview
  3. Features
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

Ordered it in the first place, for the summer period of vacations and rest, but this product has proven itself well and therefore use it constantly. It cost me 6$ and free shipping Aliexpress Saver Shipping to Ukraine amounted to 28 days.

Also if you decide to buy, I recommend that you take the Aliexpress only from an authorized representative of the manufacturer here. Do not order from any third-party intermediaries, which are too many to Ali.


Kemei 5 in 1 is a versatile trimmer for hair removal. It can be used for correction of eyebrows nose hair trimmer as a razor for body and face.

The technology used for hair removal is absolutely painless. The trimmer is effective on all skin types. Sharp blades and high speed of operation ensures fast results, with no sense that if the hairs pull out or pull (even if you are there, just need to replace the battery).

An indisputable advantage is the ease of use, as this trimmer is cordless and runs on just one AA batteries. Due to this, it can be used in any place and at any time.

From personal experience I would say that the trimmer is very easy to remove hair on legs, armpits and bikini line. Razor attachments have double blades that can be washed.


As regards the technical characteristics, the product is made of plastic in pink and white color (as the original Veet 5 in 1, which is «pinched» in this model). The total length of the trimmer 57 mm Small nozzle size of 20 mm, large — 49 mm.

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The setting range of length from 2 mm to 16 mm. in Total the set of four nozzles, one of them for a point hair removal. Package included: attachment for removing hair in the bikini area, underarms, comb for trimming hair to the same length for bikini area and underarms, protective cap for the bilateral attachment for removing facial hair, cleaning brush trimmer. Batteries not included.

Still I can advise for the beauty of your teeth irrigator for mouth, because one toothbrush is not enough. And set for quality women’s hair removal with hot wax, which removes hair for a very long time and makes the skin women really very smooth.


The item fully matched the description provided by the seller on the website. The trimmer is very compact and convenient to take along for the ride; it fits easily in handbag. Is comfortable in the hand, the body strong enough, not «backlash». Again, to take better spokesperson here.