Womens pink backpack «Hello Kitty»

This pink women’s backpack I bought on Aliexpress for around 25$ here, how much it costs — I do not know, you can see for yourself at the link.

The contents

  1. What a joke
  2. The quality and reliability
  3. Video

What a joke

In fact it is a composite bag with «Hello Kitty» consists of several things:

  1. The biggest part is the backpack;
  2. Keychain — bear who can hang on the zipper of the preceding paragraph or elsewhere;
  3. Bag women’s shoulder in the same style;
  4. Purse;
  5. Business card holder.

And 5 things:

The quality and reliability

The quality of the material fully corresponds to the price in our town for the same money is not to buy. Of course, not leather, and artificial leather, but also very worthy.

Zip and button-riveting do not spoil and do not go over time down, I already for a long time with him.

Most importantly, this entire «ensemble» of the handbags represented in the same design! Look very elegant. You should have seen the envious looks from shop assistants in the shops, when you come with a backpack and a shoulder bag, and then another and get the same wallet at payment)). And a red dress Dress looks absolutely fascinating.

Already had a couple of instances when asked about the place of purchase and price. They actually thought taking in some expensive boutique and cost of the kit is very expensive! All the rest can watch in the video below. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.


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