Womens light shorts simply cut

Decided to diversify my wardrobe with shorts «strict» cut. Long doubted to buy them, but after talking with the seller about the size, color and quality, decided. And did not regret! Bought on Aliexpress here.

The first thing to note is the coincidence of the dimension of the mesh parameters.

Color! Versatile, basic, easy to match with many shades that gives the multivariate images.

Tailoring-neat, no crooked lines of stitches, loose threads. The material is polyester, very soft and lightweight, they are not hot in the summer!

Ordered L size for your options: waist-64,O. b-98, growth 159см., sat perfectly, not tight, but free, and must sit shorts.

Bought for 560 rubles, delivery to Saratov region took two weeks by regular mail. Ordered 13.05 ,and in the mail and was waiting 25.05. Again, bought on Ali here.

The shorts I really liked, mainly them in the summer and passed. Next, I’m thinking in white. Well they fit shirt Dioufond long sleeve and here are sneakers on a high sole.

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