Womens leather backpack WILIAMGANU

Good day. Will share my impressions of the backpack, which ordered on Aliexpress on this page here.

The contents

  1. The shipping cost
  2. Material, accessories, size
  3. Opinion
  4. Video

The shipping cost

This backpack WILIAMGANU had been looking for a long time, but still had doubts because of the reviews about it were not available. In the end, still decided to buy and 25.04.18 paid for the order, then he was discount plus coupon, total came out 2646р.

The seller sent in a week, track to track and in the mail I took 18.05. The packaging consisted of a post package with the bubble wrap, and the backpack was in the original fabric bag, never deformed.

Material, accessories, size

I can’t say with certainty that good at materials, but as much as my knowledge, I think it’s real leather. About the Chinese brand WILIAMGANU have not heard, but after this pack, I would be there is still something to watch.

It was possible to choose from several colors, I chose gray, but I think it is closer to lilac. The size of the backpack, for me, just right — width 24 cm, depth 11 cm, height 30 cm, plus the loop is 9 cm.

Two offices: one on the castle, which fit phone, keys, tablet, wallet and whatnot, and second, less roomy and fastens with a carbine. Inside two pockets, one on the lock, the other does not.

On the side, which is adjacent to the back also has a zipper pocket, conveniently and safely. Shoulder straps are adjustable, as the clasp on the belt at 4 holes. Internal seams sewn braid, thread never stick, the smell from the backpack was not.

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Bought almost a year ago, during this time no complaints about it, has remained in the same form as the first day. Hardware quality, probably stainless steel, color: Golden, but not bright, does not look cheap. Winter and summer wear, chips, scratches nowhere.


The model of backpack, suitable for sports style clothes, to dress with shoes, coat and jacket also looks great.

For me the only negative is the colour, I think silver is better than gold is suitable to the gray backpack.

The price is also not small, but the store is even more expensive. Now this seller is worth the price of nearly 5400, but it’s a move pomonitorte a few days, the price has to change, sellers often do, say «see we are doing you a discount as much as 50%, take your time and it will have gone.»

Don’t forget to activate the cash back when you buy something from Ali (I always forget). Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

Will look great with women’s wallet is made of embossed leather and a faux leather jacket Fitaylor.