Women scarf tippet

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you one of my recent purchase. Long wanted to buy a nice stole to wear with the coat.

A friend advised a seller on Aliexpress, which she regularly orders stuff. The cost of the tippet was lower than in our stores, plus the fact the seller did a very good discount, I bought a scarf for only 7$ instead of 15, agree a nice bonus! Bought here.

Color scheme in the store is very diverse and I quickly picked up the desired color. I was also pleased with free and fast shipping, my order I waited only 2 weeks (This is before Perm). Oh yeah, the package was waiting for me a small gift – a keychain.

Now let’s talk about the product…

Packed tippet was in a regular package, the quality has not suffered from this, a little wrinkled, but nothing terrible.


Tippet looks just like the picture seller. The fringe is beautiful. The size is very large, 70 cm in width and 180 cm in length. The color is bright, rich, washing stand excellent, not faded.


Fabric quality good, the seller indicates that the cashmere headscarf, it’s not, it feels synthetic, it is quite dense, soft, pleasant to the body. No smell, as often happens. Generally tippet warm, but not in the winter, as it is stated from the seller, not exactly Russian winter, autumn and spring are perfect.

I would have called his acquisition a good, if not a sticking out thread.

A manufacturing defect, it is very well seen on the photo, of course I was upset, but it is not critical, wearing the tippet so that it is not noticeable. And I ordered takes a tone on the same site, but that’s another story. All the while, and a pleasant shopping experience.

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Again, buy tippet here on this page.