Women’s wrist watch Shengke, Sk

Fans of all stylish and trendy things you want to take a look at women’s wrist watch brand Shengke.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance
  3. The pros and cons
  4. Summary

Where to buy

The Chinese brand, but «China» «China» hatred. When the goods get my hands on, quality was pleasantly surprised, as this model ordered on a Chinese website Aliexpress here. Price in online stores and on this website differs significantly.

So, let’s begin. All the well-known us large-scale Chinese website Aliexpress women’s watch I was looking for intentionally. The choice is huge. Glance fell on the model Shengke SK. The form is classical and minimalism in silver and gold. There is nothing superfluous in the design.

The parameters and characteristics of the goods, the seller promised waterproof and shockproof stainless steel case, quartz clock mechanism.
The price of these hours at the time of ordering on the website was$15.

But, as a newbie who registered for the first time on the site, I received a discount on the first purchase, plus the discount the seller. In the end, the price for the watch with shipping cost me 9.03$.

The product was delivered within 2.5 weeks by courier with home delivery directly in hands. The packaging was totally intact without any damage. The gift is packaged in a small glossy white box. On the dial was glued protective film.


The watch matched the description and photos on the website. The color is beautiful Golden. Case and the steel bracelet. The mechanism is fairly quiet – you can hear only if you put your ear to. The length of the bracelet can be easily adjusted by means of a lock moving.

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The pros and cons

I want to note the advantages of this product:

  • The watch is quite difficult weight, but on the hand felt very comfortable;
  • Quiet mechanism;
  • Waterproof (although deliberately in the water, not immersed, but having a relatively short contact with water watch is working perfectly);
  • A metal band having a contact with the skin, does not cause allergies (I have this problem – usually an irritation);
  • During any socks bracelet or dial have not lost their color and luster;
  • Adjustable strap length;
  • Price

The only negative they have a weak clasp. That is, periodically it is necessary to draw, that he could not do this. I believe that it is not critical, as the situation is correctable.


Overall very satisfied for hours. And look beautiful, elegant and not cheap. Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page, the official «Ali Veep.» Perfect in the same style to the chiffon material of the blouse and the skirt BunniesFairy.