Women’s winter rubber boots from Aliexpress

As soon as the snow began to melt, I felt the need to buy women’s rubber boots. As our stores range this Shoe leaves much to be desired, and the price of a good model is too high, then decided to search on Aliexpress. Ordered them link_css=»true» external_link_css=»true» original_link=»»>on this page.

Chose a floral print and the 6th dimension (our 36th). Cost 19.95$.

The seller sent the order very quickly. Free shipping to the Republic of Belarus took 4 weeks. Tracking was not a problem.

However, the time came, all the snow has time to melt, and puddles to dry. Therefore, to test the purchase immediately failed.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Convenience
  3. Conclusion


The product was securely packaged. I eagerly unwrapped the parcel and saw a cool floral rubber boots. The picture quality on the shoes just super! Dense rubber, no defects, rather thick sole.

Platform height approx 1.5 cm, heel height 3 cm height of boot (including the sole) 18.5 inches, the length of the insole 22 cm.

Very long time to find the laces and already upset that they are not laid, but it turned out that they got lost in the packaging.


After I’m done lace up boots, finally was able to try them on. Immediately felt mild discomfort in the leg. Went around the room. It seemed that in the volume they are too wide, but the length of the thumb and index finger a little rest on the noses of boots.

Tried to wear them with socks of different thicknesses. The result was about the same.

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As the street was still noticeably cold, my first in the new thing was, with thick wool socks. Boots Ter is not pressed, it was quite comfortable. Puddles on my way I met, so are unable to fully appreciate the waterproof shoes.

Next time on the street it was raining, it was much warmer. I wore thinner socks and went for a walk around the city.

The opportunity to walk around the puddles caused me raptures. I remembered my childhood and was treading water. I really liked how bright and cheerful look of the boots. I note that not once caught the eye of passers-by on my Shoe.

The walk lasted about two hours. During this time, my feet didn’t get wet.

The only thing after much walking began to hurt the arch of the foot. Likely impact completely flat footbed. I think that over time I’ll just purchase orthopedic insoles for these rubber boots, and the problem will be solved.


In General, the purchase I pleased. If these boots were a half size up, it would have been better. Again, bought these waterproof rubber boots on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend a raincoat with a hood and a bag.