Women’s wallet Baellerry

All purses: husband, son, daughter and myself – I order on Aliexpress, and never made a mistake! Important to carefully see the reviews, study the photos of those who have already bought. This is my review – for womenwho are looking for a good wallet at a reasonable price.

Until recently, been relatively expensive purse (also with Ali, bought two years ago), and what trouble happened to him: loose the lock-button. So I decided to find something with a zipper, and I look for the model with steel, plastic there is no trust, on any perishable things. Found again, Ali’s cute, the right size, cheap, brand Baellerry.

Long suffered with the colors – all pretty, everyone seemed kind of fitting. A friend advised me to buy style2, who she was romantically called «the color of BlackBerry jam foams». Ordered in July, in early August, got a bag, where in a dimpled material, lay my wallet. Here is the proof of the ordering screen from my office on Ali.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and convenience
  3. Opinion
  4. Dignity
  5. Disadvantages

Where to buy

At the time of my purchase the purse was worth $ 5 a penny, cost a little more than 2 dollars, the result was exactly eight. Prices on Aliexpress are constantly «swim» now the goods in this store are cheaper, but not so much to be upset: $ 8 also a great price for such a convenient wallet. Taken from the official representative of the brand on this page.

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I will say that immediately agreed to one disadvantage in this model: there are no separate pockets for coins and paper money. But the purse looked so cute and in the store itself, and in the photo already received that he decided to close his eyes.

Quality and convenience

Very pleased in advance a large number of slots for credit cards and business cards, I only have the pharmacy discount six pieces, plus two banking even business cards veterinarians, computer scientists, three pieces – all constantly needed. There is a description window for travel is planned to insert a photo of children.

Here impression on the very first sight. Purse is incredibly nice fits in the hand! No smell, no discomfort from faux-leather although the description it clearly said «PU». The skin is soft, flexible, slightly shiny, color is rich and very beautiful. The dimensions are absolutely correct, that is exactly 19 and 10 cm along the perimeter.


On the «working» qualities of the purse.

Slot for business cards – just under my credit cards and different cards inside of the pockets faux fabric, but dense and smooth. In this regard, I got what I wanted: all that is necessary is placed about 1 cm of each business card, or card shows to get needed.

«Vest» for credit cards and other cards fastened on a fairly tight button, that is easy to open, and she will not be unbuttoned. Compartment for money – metal, Golden color zipper, zipper works smoothly, stops were observed.

Next to the card slots however, there is a Department for travel. The size of the standard pocket, as you can see in the photo – perfect for the «Troika». And an added joy was the fact that in a large pocket on the wallet clearly got my phone!

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He sure would look great with a backpack Luxy Moon , or a vintage bag with embroidery. However, with the pink Hello Kitty backpack too, but it is a versatile option.


Purse Baellerry faithfully served me at home, then safely went with me to Moscow for two months (that’s where I have left the «Troika»). Not wiped, not faded magic color «foams BlackBerry jam», the zipper broke.

The pockets for cards are not stretched and not deformed. Just a fairy tale, not a commodity? Add a tiny spoon of tar in this honey review, my cool wallet a couple of drawbacks.


The first flaw, which I also agreed when ordering, because he saw an awkward yellow «vests» for the cards. Well, all the models somehow with this leather inside! Would brown, or black, I swear!

The second is a relatively lightning, specifically: it is jammed, if he could zip it up until it stops, then you have time to pull, she started to open up. That is, it is necessary to control this moment, to zip up literally half an inch before the end.

Despite these two oddities, I purse very pleased. He went with me to Russia, a lot of times pulls and zapihivanie in a bag full, double-crossed the border a couple of times fell in the mud and safely laundered. Nice «long lasting» thing for a nice price!