Women’s t-shirt VOGUE

Very soon there will come long-awaited summer, and I already started to prepare for hot days and ordered a few things on the site Aliexpress. One shirt received a few days ago about it today and tell.

This t-shirt VOGUE, has long wanted one of these, but couldn’t find the color I needed. Most sellers, they are provided in several colors – black, white, gray, in the summer you want something more bright and fresh. But, he who seeks will always find that t-shirt mint color I already have.

Free shipping. The seller sent my parcel a few days after ordering, I received it a month later, track to track.

The contents

  1. Appearance and quality
  2. Conclusion
  3. Video

Appearance and quality

T-shirt VOGUE I really liked it, the color is beautiful, a little paler than the picture. The fabric is soft, nice, light, not transparent, no unpleasant, chemical smell. The fabric is not cotton, but for the price I did not expect. Pleased neat stitching, no loose threads, everything is super.

After reading the reviews, ordered a t-shirt, sits well, not too wide, the length is also fine.


Conclusion: the VOGUE t-shirt I liked, the quality matches the price and I would recommend it to their friends. Moreover, I am going to order myself another pink or green, not yet determined. Again, took on Aliexpress here.


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