Women’s sunglasses Benzen with filters and protections

Sunglasses from Aliexpress I ordered for the first time. Vending model, which is «worth» 3 700 rubles, and discount sale for$ 15 in the days of sales has dropped in price to$ 10. Well here to stay!

Bought here from an authorized representative of the manufacturer Benzen, during global sell-off on Ali on March 29. They cost me with all discounts in 564 of the ruble.

Order was sent the next day, track to track from beginning to end. The package came exactly two weeks in Ufa. Our dear beloved Russian post didn’t bruise or spoil.

The contents

  1. Overview
  2. Picking and packing
  3. Pros
  4. Polarizing filters
  5. Protection from UVA and UVB rays
  6. Anti-glare filter
  7. Lenses
  8. Opinion


Picking and packing

All carefully Packed in thick bubble wrap, CD box BENZEN, hard case, the glasses, carefully wrapped with plastic wrap, and even the handles in foil Packed, especially the tips, so that nothing got scratched in transit. Plus case cover fabric cloth for wiping lenses, a keychain screwdriver and the card to verify the polarization filter.


Sit just perfect! (this is my personal opinion, but for me hardly probable not the most important, if I’m not comfortable – I just I can’t wear).

In the store I can try on three dozen options, but nothing to find: it uncomfortable, not the form, dangle, studded with strazikami as the cave of Aladdin, boring.

When ordering from Aliexpress, I was very afraid that will not work. So, I was very pleased when I tried and realized – my!

The shape is very comfortable – classic/luxury/retro/vintage — you can call whatever you like. Classic large lenses 60х50мм, the profile of the rim is only slightly bent. I chose the color lens – coffee, black or purple but also kind of looks good.

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I love the wide arch, with small subtle decorative elements. The arms interesting texture of crocodile skin. Decoration in the form of Golden ring with small rhinestones do not look cheap crafts, but I would, ideally, cost less gold. The upper part of the lens darker than the bottom. I prefer glass with a gradient, to me they are more comfortable than plain. Frames and translucent temple tips.

Glasses are very light. This is plus and minus. For they do not like glass – they are heavy. Glasses with glasses sitting on his nose weights, but create a feeling of strength and reliability. Frame with acrylic lens — light, weightless, on the nose, almost imperceptible, and no «familiar marks» no. But there is a feeling of insecurity, fragility and brittleness, the relationship of these products require very careful. You can not force wipe, throw, and drop unwanted. In the back pocket of the jeans they do not stick, but use it to crack nuts will not work.

Polarizing filters

On the test picture, supplied by the manufacturer, everything works great, empty field become visible typewriter. The Internet advises to check the polarization of the light in the LCD displays: turn the glasses 90 degrees the image will darken. And here fits!

It is believed that with this filter, there are problems with the gadgets. Yes, the picture is obscured, without them, everything looks much brighter. There is such disadvantage of polarized lenses, but I’d rather accept and tolerate a little inconvenience in working the glasses with the phone in the sun than going to catch the bunnies in the absence of such filters.

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Tried out their new acquisition in the car – the road can be seen perfectly, glare cleans well.

Protection from UVA and UVB rays

In the description the seller indicated protection UV400, this means that the lenses filter 100% of harmful UV rays. UV filter is not so easy to check, but in the sun to be comfortable: dim not much, but bright light does not hurt the eyes. In General, street solar image is quite nice.

Anti-glare filter

Present. Usually glare water causes maximum discomfort to the eyes. And glasses this is not a problem. Sunlight is also the effect of polarizing filters, confirming their presence.


Lenses acrylic is quite thin, for sure, films UV and polarizing filters too thin. They require careful treatment: RUB gently, don’t quit on a hard rough surface. Thin plastic is easily scratched and injured a coverage of the harm to the eyes.


  • cloth for lenses;
  • soft case;
  • solid case;
  • keychain screwdriver.

Full set of basic needs. The whole set is decorated with the logo of BENZEN, it is clear that the manufacturer responsible for their products. Made very neatly and is quite presentable in appearance.

Case on the zipper side there is a loop with a carabiner, so you would have somewhere to fasten, for example, to the backpack. I use the cases for storage at home or in the car.

Soft case with drawstring cord I always have in the bag, the glasses were removed, the case was removed. Napkin from the same fabric as cover is soft and pleasant. Wipes not bad, but if you need to clean heavy contamination – use special napkins for optics. Keychain screwdriver. Screwdriver double sided: one side Phillips, the other flat, suitable for small screws in the frame.

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I’m happy with my purchase. For such a small amount of very good purchase. Not a useless ornament accessory, a good sunglasses, to carry out its functions. Again, bought from an authorized representative of Benzen on Aliexpress here.