Women’s sun glasses with mirror coating

Women’s sunglasses model cat-eye with a mirror coating was bought from me for 6,25 $ on Aliexpress on this page here and came for 3 weeks in Slonim (Belarus) via registered mail.

The site was presented fourteen variants, depending on the color frames and lenses, with different degrees of light transmission.


Rim the glasses tipping, very thin, easy to bend, consists of a metal alloy (composite).

Lenses frame combined with double bridge. There are also nose pads. Lenses are made of plastic.

In the process of operation I have a bent rim (glasses tangled in the hair), but I arched back, nothing broke. Wearing these glasses is not very convenient again because of the very thin rim, in addition, there is a risk that they will fall during head tilt.


Overall, these glasses can only be used as a vintage accessory since the lens material (plastic) protects eyes from UV rays. At the same time the use of scratches and other defects on the lenses is not formed.

Thus, they do not fulfill their functional purpose, rather fragile, and can be used solely for aesthetic purposes. Aliexpress a little let down, but for the price one would expect. And what would You not buy on Ali, be sure to use the cash backto return a percentage of each purchase!

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