Women’s summer moccasins MCCKLE with mesh

Lightweight and comfortable shoes with love and respect, but the prices in our shops refuse to accept as sane. This is not my first loafer-mesh MCCKLE with Aliexpress and once again was very pleased with the quality and adequacy of monetary policy.

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  1. Model and size
  2. Overview
  3. My review
  4. Photos

Model and size

The sapphires company HEFORSHE liked the graceful shape and a lot of positive feedback, and his eyes still could not decide on colors – as many as 6 color combinations! My steel is light grey with pink decoration and the same color combination on the sole for of 14.57$, here is the link to the product and the seller.

39-40 the size of the fine was included in 9 the size of the mesh of the seller, the seams are not cracked, not the finger is rested, did not rise peredelyvala edging.


Not new, I have a lot of them looked like!)

On the front, in the usual location of the «tongue» — rubber ring, which in addition to decorative functions allow a couple to hook on a carabiner bag or just carry with one finger from 2 moccasin MCCKLE when I want to walk barefoot through the water, pebbles or grass. On the front of the loafer rubber sole comes on the thumb area, it not only protects from damage step, but the grid itself saves intact.

Gluing and sticking-out threads are not visible, the insole is removed and under it all too accurately. Of course, this is not a full Jogging sneakers and rigid fixation of the foot in the course of employment is not enough. But to walk on foot hardly felt. Very similar to the footwear for swimming, but it’s not. For running I take the Converse sneakers or the equivalent, which can also be found on Aliexpress.

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The photo was taken specifically for the site

By the way about the sole – very elastic, like rubber even added silicone, but on attrition it is absolutely not affected. Winter frequently ran and worked in these loafers in the gym and now, after 2 washes in the washing machine (no spin, of course), shoes was acquaintance with asphalt. All good, nice and comfortable.

The order was in Ukraine for more than a month due to the Christmas holidays. Track to track by conventional means. The pair were Packed in cellophane a few different devices and paper. In the gift was podpaliny and anti-slip tabs in my shoes.

My review

Not the first time I buy shoes MCCKLE in their official store on Aliexpress. Once again convinced of the futility of shopping at conventional stores. In Aliexpress and more choice (millions of products — no joke), and the prices are nicer. And not to miscalculate the size, consult the information grid on the product page. By the way, here it is.


The photo of the Shoe you can (and should!) click to enlarge: