Women’s stylish leather belt

Once, browsing in the Internet some chaotic video of a girl I saw an interesting strap. Me he really liked and I started to surf the Internet.

Where to buy

I soon learned that this miracle belt called a baldric. Naturally, I began to look for where to buy it. The first thing I went to beloved and famous Aliexpress and bingo, I found my treasured leather strap on Aliexpress here on this page.

Ordered the belt immediately. The site was expensive and suspiciously cheap waist belt. I found something and ordered a belt for about 600 rubles.

The order came relatively quickly, in about 3 weeks in the Republic of Crimea. So delivery there were no problems and soon the belt was in my town in stock «Mail of Russia». The tracking number tracked perfectly, and I already knew when the harness arrived in my city.


About your order never regretted. Belt is very cool, fits the description. There are no flaws and done efficiently, as seen in the photo.

A strange smell was missing. The material is dense enough, something like a faux leather. All the buckles and fastening the metal, hold on tight.

Straps are smooth, all neatly taped. Traces of glue there. The belt goes well with casual clothes, such as dresses, t-shirts and business style (on white shirt black belt looked great).

Also a great option is to pick up the sword belt women’s dress bandeau or bustier (i.e. strapless). Thus, the belt will serve as a supporting outfit and stylish addition.

The waist belt one size, but the straps are very long. So if You have a wasp waist, it is likely that the straps will have to take up and finish a few holes in the strap.

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Anyway, I suggest that you order a belt only skinny girls. Because the upper webbing cling ring, they will blend down, if you have curvaceous.

Women’s belt long enough, all of the fixtures are adjustable, so you will have something to shortened and to perfectly fit its parameters.

It can be worn in two ways:

  • when two parallel straps at the front and rear of the suppression of three straps with a ring in the middle,
  • conversely, when two parallel straps are the back and front, respectively, the intersection of three straps.

I wear only the first way, as for me, he is the most suitable. Maybe someone will come up with a third or fourth way of wearing the belt, it allows the imagination.

Of course, every day wear the women’s belt won’t be, but sometimes you can create interesting images, highlighting your style and figure. It is important not to overdo it, and don’t add a huge amount of other accessories, as the belt itself is quite provocative, then the image will be too «heavy».

I ordered the sash in black color, but there was still dark brown and light brown (almost red) flowers. Belt in the latest color cheaper than the other two. But for me the black color is more versatile, so I ordered it.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here.