Women’s slimming corset bandage slimming

In order to quickly get back in shape after childbirth is recommended to wear slimming corset, it postpartum brace or corrective zone to the internal organs quickly back to normal after pregnancy.

However, tall women like me are very hard to find a belt in the usual orthopedic store because all the models are very short. Minus is that it either pulls the lower abdomen, or bristling the top of the abdomen, and gives the appearance constricted sausage.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and advantages
  3. The seller and dimensions
  4. Opinion
  5. Tips

Where to buy

Hard to find the ideal model Sunveno on Aliexpress here and, except for relatively low prices, it has other beneficial differences.

The quality and advantages

  1. High quality. Breathable mesh structure is very soft and pleasant to the body, does not lose its properties even after washing in the washing machine. Velcro does not wear out very dense;
  2. Has extra straps, as reducing belly can not just simply putting Sunveno, but also increase the pressure using the side straps. It wants to pucker as functional;
  3. Consists of three fixed elements separately. This approach enables the impact on all the problem areas from breast to buttocks. In ad videoinstructing about how to dress, is not difficult to understand.

To wear postpartum brace nice and comfortable, of course, his appearance not be called attractive, but with its purpose to cope above all praise.

The seller and dimensions

With the seller on the order is not communicated, the shipping took something around two weeks. Two months of using a girdle is not stretched and not bent, and after I was not because her belly was flat.

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There is a size in size.


And, as usual, the fly in the ointment. If worn under clothing shed. Such a fabric structure, but less pleasant and functional it becomes. Recommend. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.


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