Women’s shopper bag BOLSOS feminina from Kvky

Choice handbags is not easy, it is necessary to consider many nuances. Size in width and height, long handles, inside pockets, quality lining material, number of zippers, buckles, buttons, Velcro. You can’t miss a single detail, so then the bag is not lying idle or were not for sale.

After dozens of pages on AliExpress, stopped on this variant. The photo on the website, the bag was perfect for my needs. It will easily fit a pack of A4 paper, netbook, tablet or smartphone it is possible to simply «lose». The color chosen coffe (coffee). Have ordered here.

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The contents

  1. Purchase and delivery
  2. The quality of the material
  3. Dimensions
  4. Summary
  5. Video

Purchase and delivery

Shipping. The order was made on 12 November 2017, the Seller sent the item the next day. In personal correspondence was not necessary. Track to track 4 December parcel arrived in the city collection point. The bag was Packed in a plastic envelope, no visible damage was not.

After unpacking the purchase I was a bit shocked at her size. It’s huge! The width of the bottom of the bag 18 see Almost a suitcase. It will be in the sports hall or go shopping with your child, saving money on packs, it will include everything! No wonder it is called the bag-shopper (second word from the English «purchaser»).

The quality of the material

In the description on the site, the main material is the canvas. In fact, the canvas manufacturer recalls a canvas or material for tents. Everything seems nothing, and even creative, but the handles of the bags are made of the same fabric. Made of two parts, connected by a neat seam edge not how it is processed.

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In the end of handle is rough to the touch and look like two army strap old model. In everyday wear under a mink coat or an elegant coat, this thing is hard to imagine. The rare case when the bag is suitable to the image, and bag image you want to create.


Suitable for a large volume of securities in different formats, folders, and everything you need including lunch boxes, an umbrella, and ballet flats. A good option for students, couriers, and mothers with young children. Bag length 38 cm, bottom width 18 cm, height 32cm, length of handles 25 cm, which allows you to comfortably wear the bag on your shoulder even in warm clothes.

What’s inside. Division one is a minus. Hard to find small things, keys or lipstick. For phone there is a special pocket inside bag on the side, but my model, unfortunately, does not fit. Also inside is a zipper pocket, a small use for the passport. The outside of the bags on the back pocket there. Usually it’s in all the bags there, but not here. It’s sad, the keys have to clean the bag, then they are difficult to find.


The price – quality. Bought this product as a gift for 1154р. Now it is even cheaper. To take recommend to fans of bags «for all occasions». Quality is reliable, the demolition of her no. Lacks just a little finesse. But this company KVKY quite a lot of different models, choose at your own discretion, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions before you buy and if they fit you. Here here on Aliexpress you can find a lot of decent options.

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Here, I found an interesting video on YouTube showing different kinds of bags in this lineup. I think every fashionista will find something for themselves: