Women’s shoes MORAZORA — disappointment

I want to give you an honest review on the store MORAZORA and their shoes of this model, bought it without preukras and in fact.

As per the reviews on aliexpress I have to do it did not work, later you’ll understand why. I ordered them 24/04/2018 and only 14/06/2018 they were taken to St. Petersburg for mail, there is a waiting time of almost 2 months. The purchase price 1099,09 RUB Packed they were great.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Size
  3. Dispute on Aliexpress
  4. Do not buy


By opening the package and looking closely, I realized that it’s not so good. On a beige lacquered material was a scrape and a hole on the back seam. The material is faux leather with a very shiny finish, from far away look cute. Absolutely not suitable for socks on the street, material immediately to peel about any pebbles or tussock. Intended rather for going to a bar, a club may wear them in the office.


About the size: I ordered by size table 9 foot size 25 cm Shoes are marked size 40, in fact I have 39. But that’s not the point, it is well known that Chinese shoes malomerit. And 9 is for a narrow foot. If the foot is wide I think is to get another larger size.

Heel height 8.5 cm heel rather democratic and sustainable. The outsole material is rubber. The sole in the form of fused is not particularly good. In the rain I’d be afraid to go out, there is a risk to remain without soles. To wear comfortable, shoes perfectly fits the foot and they almost rubbed. The seller sends a gift scrunchie.

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But, as you know, to wear it at home, in the office or any event, knowing that you have a hole on the shoes does not clear up.

Wrote to seller, no response. This is where it all began.

Dispute on Aliexpress

Decided to open a dispute. Dispute opened on 15 June, i.e. the day after receipt. Putting the reason that poorly stitched, commenting that the seller deliberately put these shoes, as they were Packed well. And asked for a refund.

At first the seller wanted me to return 500 RUB., I do not agree, then 564 of the ruble, in the messages asked me to write a good review for his product. I do not agree. He explained that all the technological costs.

Said that the shoes that churns out a robot. And they all with such defects go. Sent me pictures of this process. I wonder why he didn’t list it in the description.

The decision was taken by aliexpress, which was to refund and the goods. On reflection, and considering the costs, I realized that it makes no sense to spend money on mailing, and that this is a chore and hard work. Wrote this to the seller. As a result, he transferred me 300 RUR on paypal and have received good feedback and 5 star rating. I was guided by the fact that it is better something than nothing.

Do not buy

So you know what shoes sends store MORAZORA what his production technology, and how he winds himself a star. If there were no such defects, then the shoes would live up to its price, convenience socks and material. They also promised me to give a discount on your next purchase

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But I’m unlikely to want them to buy something, I’ll find something here among the good reviews about the quality of shoes and clothes from China. And in General, my opinion after such attempts of buying cheap Chinese shoes, it is better to save up and go to an expensive, comfortable shoes of good quality.

I hope my review will help you when you are in thought or not to buy Chinese shoes.