Women’s shoes-loafers brand STQ

I have long wanted a shoes type loafers or something like that. And I came across a store STQ here on Aliexpress. The store is clean Shoe. The range is not great, but I found what I was looking for.

Spring women’s shoes-oxfords. Thick sole, small thick heel, laces. Material is, of course, artificial leather. Feedback was not much, but all positive.

The contents

  1. The quality and color
  2. Size chart
  3. Convenience and insights

The quality and color

The price is more than reasonable at$ 25 it is 1500 rubles. We have stores for that kind of money you can buy leatherette, only if very lucky.

You can choose three colors loafers: versatile black, brown and red. Chose the red. From the seller they are also available in two models: with and without perforation, well a little cut of the pieces is different, and so absolutely identical in appearance. Took with perforation.

The product was shipped fairly quickly, within two days. Shipping to Smolensk took 25 days by China Post with register mail. The parcel with international track number, so on arrival I informed already the Post of Russia.

The boots came just in the postal package, wrapped in paper, but surprisingly all intact. Inside the Shoe, so the shoes are not deformed, inserted the bag with air instead of paper as usual (very handy stuff).

Color in life was not as bright and vivid as pictured, more muted, something between pink and purple, but definitely not scarlet red (although in the photo it comes out more vivid). Color I like it anyway.

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Size chart

More worried about the size to order I communicated with the seller — selected on the dimension table and everything was perfect. The length and fullness my.

Pleased with the STQ boot heel, he’s usually either low or high and in the end rubs, here is my ideal.

Convenience and insights

Due to the sole is heavy, but to walk comfortably. The tread on the sole large, hammered stones, but if it is to go on the road. Despite the thickness, the sole is perfectly stiff. Also block for me was easy.

Soft footbed, leather, and under it something like dense foam. Wore cotton socks and nylon stockings are comfortable and the foot does not sweat. Who cares on the heel the outside and the inside is seam — internal does not prevent.

In the nose of the Shoe within a fabric material. The upper material is not leather, but soft. Heel and toe is quite dense, but not hard.

Overall, great boots at a nice price. I hope will last a long time.

Again, let me remind you, bought on Aliexpress here. Perfect for knitted sweater Simplee Аpparel and denim jacket with warm lining for autumn and winter.