Women’s shaver — epilator-trimmer Kemei

Women’s shaver Kemei KM-3018, performs the function of the appliance. Having in the mind this thing about the epilator is possible to forget at all. Removes hairs quickly and painlessly. But, first things first.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Kit
  3. Description cars
  4. Charging women trimmer Kemei
  5. The use of epilator
  6. Cleaning insights
  7. Video

Where to buy

I bought this women’s shaver Kemei in the online store Aliexpress here. It cost me 9.07$, to Belarus, shipping was free, and it pleases me.

Completed my purchase two days when the parcel was sent, the seller wrote back and pointed to the barcode for tracking goods. Parcel received, after 41 days in the post office.

Everything came intact in the box, the top Packed with bubble wrap and wrapped with duct tape. And then, the machine was Packed in tight, opaque bag.


Kit in trimmer for women Kemei includes:

  • beautiful bag for a razor
  • cleaning brush epilator
  • cord with a plug to recharge,
  • the typewriter and the cap that fits over the blade.
  • Also, the kit includes a user manual but in Chinese. Sense of it a little, but the truth, and to understand the use of the device – simple!

Description cars

The seller offers a women’s shaver Kemei KM-3018 two colors: pink and purple. I chose lilac.

The machine is sturdy in the hand is like a glove. Does not slip during use, does not sting the skin, not pulling out hairs. I liked it because of the noise if and creates, it is not strong. More like a buzzing squeak.

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The length of the epilator Kemei – 14 cm width – 4.5 cm. There is one key that needs to not push, and to move: up – turn on the epilator down – off.

Charging women trimmer Kemei

Is cord is very short, with a European type plug, 110 — 240V. Its function is to charge the unit before use. And charge the machine for 8 hours, so the best option to turn to charge at night and use the razor in the morning, or include in the morning and use night.

I checked: if it takes more than 8 hours of charging, the trimmer, nothing happens. I have it charging and 12 hours, and more … once even forgot that I put it on charging it up, lay it on a shelf, plugged in, day and night. Nothing did not happen, working properly.

To connect to the trimmer recharging in the handle of the razor, at the very bottom, there is a socket in which to insert the cord, and then turn right into the socket. Red light, she indicates that the socket is working.

If the bulb does not illuminate, it is necessary to look for another outlet – happened to me and such. My trimmer like the outlet in the bedroom, near the TV. No other, did not suit her for some reason.

Lamp trimmer Kemei will be lit all the time, it does not turn off if the trimmer is charged. It will turn off only when plug is removed from outlet! So, wait, when will turn off light bulb on the razor is useless.

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The use of epilator

The Cabinet Kemei KM-3018 plastic, quite durable. I dropped it once in the bathroom, and I was pleased that it continued to buzz, even lying on the floor. No cracks, no cleavage, nothing … I Raised him and continued to put on makeup.

Metal blade, with small teeth. At first, when I saw them, did not dare to use the trimmer. Not afraid «toothy» the device my mom, she told me that nothing can be felt when shaving. Then I took a chance.

The seller indicated the usage time of the machine – a half-hour, then it is heated and it should be disabled. I assure – everything can be done much faster! Kemei epilator very quickly shaves off the hairs, to spend several times the skin – don’t have to. Just, slowly driving the car in a straight line, without bends, and she shaves.

To use the epilator Kemei need to dry skin without water, gel and foam. Only on dry skin and in the bathroom, because the hairs scatter. That’s what I still formed, so that the effect of shaving – under «zero», i.e. no barbed stumps, immediately after the procedure with a conventional machine.

To use the device for each body part! Not going to list, for what it is, but once again for EACH. You can go to the page of the seller, and there are pictures where you can see that the razor will order all parts of the body.

Cleaning insights

To care for the device even easier than charge it: it is not necessary to remove the blade to wash and dry them. Just brush, dry machine, walk. To shake off the hairs and all put into the bag.

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And the last one! On the side, in the housing of the shaver Kemei, there are two white buttons as ears. Pressing them at the same time, removed the tip with the blades, just the same for a thorough cleaning of the epilator. Then the tip snaps and the trimmer is ready to work miracles on!

Again, bought this women’s electric shaver Kemei on Aliexpress here on this page. I can also recommend a fabric face mask Bioaqua, Rorec, CAICUI and Kemei km-2503 — electropulse for heels and calluses.