Women’s raincoat Freesmily

The idea to buy the rain cover came to me long ago. I wanted something stylish and relatively fit, but not oversized package of thin transparent cellophane that you can buy in a regular store.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and sizes
  2. Quality
  3. Convenience
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy and sizes

I ordered your raincoat on Aliexpress here is the official website of the manufacturer Freesmily specializing in this type of product.

Color chose a BLUE that was not too bright, and beneath all went well.

The size is universal. The description indicated length 80 inches, width at chest 108 cm Material: nylon. I note that most other sellers on the website the length is 20-30 centimeters and more, and pick up something shorter was really difficult.

A bit confused by the small number of reviews and orders, and the absence of comments with attached photos, but I decided to take a chance.

The purchase cost me at 10.05$. The seller immediately sent the order, sending to the Republic of Belarus was exactly a month service China Post Registered Air Mail (free shipping). With tracking no problems.

The package was very compact, I even once questioned me whether it is a raincoat.


The cloak itself is packaged in a small convenient case, reminiscent of a cover from an umbrella that I think is a huge advantage. It is convenient to put in bag, is minimal.

And if the raincoat is wet and dry is not possible, you can simply pack and not worry that things will get wet.

The colour is exactly the same as pictures at the online store. Dark blue with white polka dots. Not too bright and not too dark. From this seller this model is available in bright pink, red and khaki.

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The material is durable, not x-rayed. The smell is not present absolutely. All seams are neatly and evenly stitched. Freesmily inspires confidence. No loose threads or defects I have not found.


Fasten the rain cover on white round buttons (six pieces), which harmoniously merge with the pattern. There are pockets, however the pictures on the website they are decorated with buttons, but in reality no, but I don’t think it’s a disadvantage.

The hood is in good shape, a rounded. Not bristling and well kept on the head.

There is a loop, which is also an advantage. You can safely be left in the cloakroom anywhere and not worry that you will not be able to hang him.

For me a raincoat looks like a stylish lightweight coat. I never would have thought it was a raincoat. Sits quite freely, but not too much. If it is undone, then never will say that this is a universal thing size.

At a height of 170 centimeters length approximately to the knee. I wanted a model. Perhaps, tall people will not fit. Sleeve length is perfect.

Easy to attach to bulky items, never constricts, and the pressure is not sporit. In normal life I wear a size S, so it seems to me that this thing will be good to sit on people with size S and M. the size L and more have doubts. You may dress up just for the subtle things.


Versatile in style. Will look great with ka shoesand sneakers. It won’t feel silly.

Well protected from the rain, clothes underneath stay dry. Of course, if it’s pouring rain with gusting winds, the face protect does not work, but from a small straight of rain makes a great.

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I think this purchase is justified. Great value and quality. Once again, I bought on Aliexpress here is the official. Can still advise women winter rubber boots.