Women’s pants in plaid Dress

Ordered on Aliexpress pants on the girl with fashionable print this season in plaid brand Dress. The price of 10.99 $. Fabric composition – polyester — 20% cotton-80%. The fabric feels nice, not electrified, does not roll, does not shrink after washing. Stitch all sewn smoothly, no loose threads, stains and strong odor.

Size range from 6 to 14 years. Bellemere, had to adjust the fit of the child. Was a little big in the hips .I ordered size 12 for girl, growth 154 cm

What we liked — on slacks with no zipper, they hold the waist due to elasticated waist for kids is very convenient. Regular fit, not too low and not too high, the child is quite comfortable in them.

The seller promises to deliver a package in 30 days. To fulfill its promises, sent quickly and came on time. March 13 order is shipped out, and on April 14 I received in the mail.

Had a little chat with the seller the pictures as at first ordered a size 10+, then, deciding that perhaps pants are small, asked to change for a size 12+. The seller was quick to respond, answered all questions promptly, the total size came to one that asked.

In the end it turns out she got the wrong size I had to take the smaller man. From the seller way specified all measurements — waist, hips. length, so orientiruites on them. Buying still happy. The price is quite affordable for such quality stuff.

The seller gives a good discount on purchase of goods. Again, buying women’s pants in plaid Dress on Aliexpress here on this page. Them perfect running shoes original Nike Cortez Classic t-shirt VOGUE.

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