Women’s pajamas from JULI»S SONG

Long been eyeing a similar pyjamas: noble color, a good loose fit, velvet material which looks very expensive.

In the end, despite the lack of reviews , I decided to order from JULI»S SONG here on the official page of Aliexpress top brand.

The contents

  1. About the size, brand and delivery
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

About the size, brand and delivery

  • My parameters are: height 156 cm, OR 82 cm, under bust 74 cm, 64 cm and ABOUT 86 cm
  • Focusing on their options, size of life, ordered the pajamas in a size S.
  • The price at the time of acquisition, 644 R. (now R. 690)
  • My favorite shipping service ePacket. Here it is worth noting that the order was issued may 12, shipped by the seller only on may 29. Delivered June 13. Month for order on Ali very well.

After receiving the package and trying on at home pajamas, thought it was just a case of «expectation and reality». On my fairly modest settings pyjamas village completely different than the pictures of the seller.


Pajamas completely fits. With more options than mine, and probably will do a little to someone. Poluobhvat Topeka pajama is 38 cm

The fabric hardly stretches, not stretches, respectively, is not electrified. Washed repeatedly, so I can confidently say that the fabric quality is beyond praise.

Its original color over time is not lost. The lines are all smooth. Very happy that the shoulder straps are adjustable (low girls should understand me).


Pajamas wear with pleasure at home. Sleep in it, too comfortable, especially these comfortable shorts with a high waist. Despite the tight velvet material (though synthetic), it is quite hot.

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I advise all who love slinky nightwear. Especially if you have a priest) But remember, if you want a looser fit like the model in the photo of the seller, order 2 sizes bigger!

Once again, I bought this women’s pajamas on Aliexpress here. Else can you recommend for winter warm Slippers «Feet» — very stylish and cool!