Women’s makeup mirror with lights Gustala

For every girl or woman in the mirror is an essential attribute of the interior. Of course, I have not counted how many times a day I look at him, but without this thing clearly can not do, especially if we are talking about makeup, well, or on any other facial.

In General, for a conventional dressing table and wall mirror, for example, carefully apply the shadow does not work, began to look for more miniature and mobile version of mirror for cosmetic purposes. And then I came to help my favorite АliЕxpress. Here you can find a lot of useful things at very pleasant prices.

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  • Order processing and shipping where to buy
  • Review mirror
  • A worthy purchase
  • Order processing and shipping where to buy

    I’m usually in the selection of goods always pay attention to the seller and his ratings, and, of course, read reviews about the product. Surprisingly, none of the mirror less than 5 stars was not, so I have no doubt that the goods of good quality. Made an order here. After payment, the seller on the same day sent a parcel. Delivery is free of charge.

    Usually, all the orders that I made on АliЕxpress was delivered by the Russian Post, and this was sent to me by courier CDEK. Shipping was even decorated to the door by courier, but I was in another city, so on the website they have changed the delivery method to pickup, and took the order in the office.

    The product came very quickly, only 18 days and the parcel has arrived in Volgograd. Ordered for 1300 rubles. Now a special offer can be booked for 1130 rubles, in General, look at the current price and conditions — the seller’s link I gave above.

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    Very worried that the mirror was well Packed, since the goods are very fragile, and I often send with the mail picked up in a mangled form. The box in the courier decided to open and check the integrity. The mirror was Packed well. In a cardboard box were partitions made of foam, even if the parcel has been dropped, then there is nothing damaged could not. The mirror itself was wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap, the seller tried.

    Review mirror

    This is one of the best of my orders АliЕxpress. The mirror fits the description. Nothing to even complain about. There were two colors: black and white. I chose black, I think it still will be more practical. Mirror cloth was completely covered with a protective film. Starred it easily. It’s not just a mirror but a construction. On the table is very stable. The plastic is high quality, the details not play, connected hard. All is made very soundly.

    The pictures are clickable — click on them to view more…

    Around the perimeter of the primary mirror is located a small light bulb (led) is a led backlight. It works on batteries. Included with the product was already 4 batteries, so extra money was not necessary.

    In the back there is a button to turn it on. If you don’t plan to turn it on, it is better to completely turn it off. Touch the circle on the mirror adjusts the brightness of the glow. You have to press the button and hold it. Day highlighting a special wing there, but in the evening it was a good result (pictured below in the mirror you can see even my Wallpaper on the wall, although the street is already fairly dark):

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    With legs you can change the position, choose any angle. The side has a small round magnifying mirror. Don’t know how I ever managed without it. Excellent increases. Very convenient to pluck my eyebrows and do the eye makeup. Under the mirror there is a small indentation in the plastic. There you can store all sorts of stuff. I have there are usually different brushes and tweezers. A very versatile thing. In any store in the city never seen.

    A worthy purchase

    By making a purchase on АliЕxpress, I always try to leave a full review about the product with pictures, to be useful for other buyers. Not always the order of 100% corresponds to the expectations, but this time I was very happy with the purchase. I ordered from this seller, quickly sent the order, Packed it perfectly, the way nothing is damaged. Mirror worth the money. High-quality goods, so feel free to order, you will not regret. Here is my seller on Ali.