Women’s leather small backpack Joypessie

I believe that a backpack is much more practical and convenient than the bag, so I often order them on Aliexpress. This time my choice fell on a small urban backpack in pastel blue color. From the seller Joypessie there are several color options: black, milky and pink.

Shipping took about a month for the whole journey backpack tracked. Bought here. At the time the purchase price is about 16 $.

Packaged in a conventional package, inside was nothing, no gifts and discount cards. There was some smell of paint, and then he quickly eroded. In the path of the backpack was not damaged, just dented a little webbing, but then they straightened up.

In reality, the color of a small backpack was more saturated and bright, in a little pocket at the bottom has a embellishment on the zipper. Accessories made of yellow metal and bright at the bottom of the backpack in the form of decoration is rivets.

Backpack easy on the shoulders is not felt. Made from polyester, the top is decorated with embossed webbing made of fabric + thick elastic band. The backpack had padded back, so for students not suggest.

Size small, the capacity is less than 20 liters, the stated size of the seller 2*10*28CM. The A4 album or a large folder it does not fit. It perfectly fits a wallet, phone, keys, water bottle, makeup bag, Notepad.

The backpack had only one large pocket which fastens with a double zip on it and a small compact leather backpack. Inside there is a compartment for mobile phone and pocket closure.

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Downstairs there is also a zippered pocket where I store different useful trifles, for example, the change for bus fare, wipes and headphones. Zipper slides easily, very convenient loops on sanochkah with them easily and quickly zip up. The length of the straps of the backpack are governed by the usual buckles.

On the back is sewn on the top loop to hang on hook. The lining is made of dense fabric. Wear it more than a month, like the quality of the zipper, nothing stuck and didn’t fall off. While the seams are reached, no loose threads, accessories holding.

Saw a similar model is worn and Schoolgirls and adult women, because the backpack is universal. I like that it goes well with different styles and clothing. Definitely will be buying in black for the winter.

The backpack looks expensive and stylish. Once again, I bought it from an official representative of the brand on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend this womens leather jacket and knit khaki suit with lurex.