Women’s leather light bag LOVEVOOK

I want to share my opinion about the bag LOVEVOOK, which ordered for the summer. Needed a light, versatile to fit all my outfits.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

Where to buy

On Aliexpress I found the bag in the photo that I liked. The price is also affordable, in the region of 1300 rubles. With the coupons site and cost me all of 1000 rubles. But I was afraid that the expectation and the reality would be quite different. Here is the link to the official page of this company is Ali.

I had to wait very long. The seller sent the order in the same day I placed the order and paid for it. Track to track along the way in the application of mail of Russia. Bag arrived in Krasnodar Krai in 6 days, it’s just record time. Neither one parcel to me so quickly never came.

It was Packed good bag, bubble film, inside filled with paper, not wrinkled.

The quality

The bag itself is very dense, holds its shape and does not bend. The bottom of the same stable, the bag is easy to put in and it will not fall to the side. It is a foreign smell was not.

Complete two strap, thick shoulder and thin to wear over the shoulder. I use only the latter.

Inside is a nice, thick lining. Has a pocket on the locks, and the office one. Outside on both sides zip pockets.

Color: blue-grey, white insert. Looks pale, perfectly combined with bright shoes and a gray coat Inman. The seller has two variant colors: black with white and blue with white.

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Bag LOVEVOOK perfect size and roomy. No problem, you can put wallet, phone, bottle of water 0,33 l, passport, comb and mirror. Still the place remains free. But larger things, of course, it does not accommodate. For example, cardigan or jacket will have to bear arms, if you want to take with you.


Now about the fittings. She did not like me, kind of rough and «clumsy» work. Zipper scratch hands. And the color of the metal is too bright yellow, in my opinion, a cheap product. But for the season to run quite normal. Put the bag a solid b, and recommend it to those looking for comfortable, beautiful and inexpensive.

Once again, I bought on Aliexpress here is the official LOVEVOOK. Perfect for women purse Timoteo.