Women’s leather jacket FTLZZ

All my life I dreamed about a leather jacket, but in our shops came out a little expensive, and take someone with hands did not want. Came to the aid of Aliexpress, which successfully showed the ads attracted me jackets brand FTLZZ.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and comfortable wear jackets
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

After a couple of grueling days of searching and comparisons I finally settled on this jacket. The style, as I wanted a lot of orders, almost all the reviews are positive, and the rating of the seller high. Color only black what I was looking for.

Clothes on Aliexpress the book is not the first time, so size was no problem. Standard size chart: S, M, L, XL. I wear S-M, 42-44, took m-well, not lost. But if you are in doubt, ask the seller. Very nice and understanding man, spoke to him about the delivery, but more on that later.

Price: 31.89 USD. Here is a direct link to the seller on Ali.

Delivery: instant messaging in two hours after the order (spoke with seller, went to meet him), it’s exactly two weeks service AliExpress standard Shipping. Free and fastest alternative for them is meaningless. I was afraid not to have time to get, but parcel arrived in no time.

Packing: two sealed package. Nothing torn, not scratched, as is a new product. Many fear a specific smell, but this jacket did not disappoint. As a gift the seller put a small rubber band with a heart. A trifle, but nice.

Quality and comfortable wear jackets

First impressions are awesome! Came perfect: never too tight, length just below the waist, sleeves tight-fitting, but not tight, not too long.

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In sleeve jacket long zipper sewn — any function not performed, but rather as decoration. Size allows you to take the hoodie or even a warm sweater. I wanted a more form-fitting, who needs more free — please size up.

Leather strap gives the opportunity to try to gain weight or to lose a few pounds – the number of holes is sufficient. It can be not removed, the jacket the worse look become.

To walk with a loose unbuttoned a belt and unbuttoned too interesting — just watch out for belt buckle-heavy, and it can appear to lose quite easily (sin so).

Four pockets, one of which is fake (the one bottom right). The top pockets are big, the phone is 5.5 inches fit without problems. But in a tight jacket to fill their pockets on the chest does not look too neat. The bottom pocket is small, handy for coins or credit cards.

Zipper clasps the brand FTLZZ in order. Nothing is jammed, the course is smooth, works like clockwork. An unusual collar that can be worn two ways: on the top buttons buttoned and the zipper under the throat or to open and attach the side buttons. Both deserve attention, but the second like.

Very soft jacket, worn with hunting and comfort. Very high quality sewn, threads never stick out, flat seams. The color is nice and matte, and looks solid and expensive.

Was afraid that over time, the skin may slightly fray, but I wear the third month – absolutely no problems. Leather jackets like new. Leatherette seems to be stout, but a bit thin. Judging by the description, the jacket is made of polyurethane.

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Material my beloved, natural leather can’t stand. Does not crease, so very easy to store and to transport to somewhere that has a stable resistance, checked not once.

In warm weather, sometimes stuffy, easy to sweat. For cool summer, warm autumn and spring the most. Looks interesting with jeans or a leather skirt, jeans, t-shirts tight – but that’s a matter of taste.


Leather jacket FTLZZ never ceases to please me for the third month! Gives confidence and helps you to receive compliments. Many do not believe that for such money you can buy something worthwhile, but in vain. Five stars in all respects. Highly recommend!

P. S. once again, I bought the official representative of the brand of the manufacturer on Aliexpress here. We would also recommend women’s stylish leather belt and designer stylish handbag Patchwork, which is perfect to the jackets!