Women’s jacket with sleeves-flare

Never order things on Aliexpress, considering they were not very good in quality. Recently went shopping and very surprised by the prices. Prices are sky-high, the quality leaves much to be desired.

A little thought, I decided to take a chance. As per the trend of the season sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans with beads like pearls, I chose a top. Shipping

The product came to me quickly enough. In the next two weeks. Took on the post of Russia.

The contents

  1. The price of the goods
  2. Quality
  3. Dimensions
  4. Care
  5. Opinion

The price of the goods

Price blouse with bell sleeves is we have in the city two or three thousand roubles. Exactly the same bought in a famous store for 2 500. Only different colors and slightly better quality. On the site Aliexpress I bought it for 458,28 RUB I’ve seen cheaper are exactly the same (150 rubles), but the reviews on them. So I decided not to risk it.

Took on Aliexpress Tmall here on this page.


Product quality is average. The thread sticking out at the neckline. I chopped it off. Not straight lines. In some places on the neck was jammed not exactly the fabric and stitched so. This has nothing to do.

The length of the front and rear differs by 5 cm approximately. That’s a lot. But when I put it on myself, did not see the difference. But the quality of the beads better than jackets with expensive shops.

So after the first wear, I was hooked bead and the fabric ruptured. A jacket with Ali, I hitched a few times and everything was fine. The fabric is synthetic. The label says polyester.

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When I ordered, did not understand what it is. Expected something else. Shine through a bit. Why underwear has to be selected carefully. The jacket was available in three colors: pink, blue, white. I chose blue, because according to the reviews the color was more beautiful. The smell from the fabric was no. Thought will smell like chemicals, but no.


I have a M-ka I ordered a M-a-Boo. A bit small was. Cramped hands and chest. The waist is wide enough. But L-ka, probably, would be very large. The neck is not great. If the breast is large, the girth of M may be small. A jacket you can tuck in jeans/skirt or wear with a slouchy fit. As I am postpartum, I our with a slouchy fit to cover the belly.


Wash on a short wash 30 minutes for delicate fabrics at 40 gr. All remained in place. Iron is not necessary. I did not put the spin cycle in the washer. Hung the jacket on a hanger, she advisees.


Sleeveless design-flared to match the fashion of autumn. But now many wear such things.

My impressions jackets positive, although there are a lot of minuses. I wear it with pleasure. Looks very nice. It is possible to work it to go and walk and the event. Again let me remind you that took this sweater on Tmall Aliexpress here. Also, it is perfectly suited to Inman coat for autumn and spring and a denim jacket with warm lining.