Women’s high-heeled shoes with a bow

Buying clothes and shoes online always seemed pointless. How exactly to choose the suitable size and appearance of things without trying? But too «tasty» prices did the trick, and I decided to order inexpensive but very beautiful Shoe, brand BEGTREE. You can order here.

My package arrived in Rostov-on-don for a record 12 days, after called with mail, and to my surprise, offered a delivery to your home.

The contents

  1. Appearance, first impression
  2. The first exit to the street
  3. Opinion
  4. Conclusion

Appearance, first impression

My first thoughts when I opened the box was «WOW!». The appearance of the Shoe coincides with the photo seller. No scuffs, uneven seams.

The color is a bright, tidy bow. Look expensive and unusual. Knowing that Chinese shoes usually malomerit, I took No. 6, which corresponds to the European 37 mu, the size turned out to be real, I 36th a little large.

The heel is very high (10 cm), but the pad is fairly stable, the Shoe fits well to the leg, perfect for the foot of average width. Even flat walking was quite difficult, because the hoist is high, but I was hoping to get used to.

The first exit to the street

First time out in these shoes, I’m sorry about everything. Go to taxi rank 10 metres away was a test. The street block doesn’t seem so stable, the centre of gravity has shifted, I kept trying to fall off.

At that time I vowed not to ever buy shoes without trying. But after some time I again walked them to the car. The question of what effect they produce overshadows all the disadvantages. Will look great with dress one shoulder Oloey and red evening gown Dress.

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I ordered shoes BIGTREE suitable only for outputs «in the light», to move them with great difficulty. The ideal solution: car – destination – car. The total number I wore them 5 times and they still look like new, the heel is not loose and the seams had separated.


If I can order shoes on Aliexpress? Sure! The shoes were stunning (in all senses), and the price is too attractive to think about convenience. Let me remind you that ordered on Ali on this page.