Women’s handbag Cool Walker

Good day everyone reading this! Due to which our image can be completed? And what is the most difficult to pick up the remaining items of your wardrobe? For me it’s all about the bags.

When you go to the store and I find nothing «decent» and nothing «Oh my God, this is what I dreamed of!» comes to the aid of Aliexpress. The goal was to find a small black bag with some boring print at a reasonable price.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and appearance
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

Where to buy

Options were many, but this was love love at first sight. In the photo she seemed just perfect and went straight into the basket. The reviews on the Aliexpress about this bag Cool walker was very little and expected a complete surprise. Well as they say nothing ventured…

The seller I spoke, it was not necessary, all quickly sent and gave the track to track. The wait took about three weeks and another week was needed to get to mail (Yes,even love at first sight forced me to crawl out of the house in the cold). Ordered here on this page Ali.

The quality and appearance

And now I get to come home and unpack! Intrigue! Frustration was not a drop! It was the same as in the photo. The seller Packed it very carefully and safely. Nothing hesitated not shabby, and such sad moments I have had.

Cool walker bag holds its shape well and has a comfortable handle. Inside blackout lining, which is not broken not even worn from everyday wear. The chains that decorated the bag has a gold color, not yellow, which greatly reduces the cost of the item.

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The only negative only in the fact that gold has started to wear off in places, especially in the area where it constantly opens and closes the lock (seen in photo). And the main highlight of this stuff — the decor! Very beautiful and feminine applique, glued securely enough so that it is possible for her not to worry.

The same bag is the seller also in pink and white color, judging by the photo looks quite impressive. Very good fit for summer are pastel shades, bag in black color more on the cold season. By the way, the seller has a few interesting small bags in different colours, which have firmly taken the position in my bucket list.


Rating product: 4.5 out of 5

The value of the goods at the time of purchase: 885 rubles, totally worth the money. Again, ordered on this page on Aliexpress. But to have exactly the right choice, I recommend to see more from Xiniu with floral embroidery brand Vintage Embroidery.