Women’s fashion sneakers bright Bomlight thick soles

I’ve been looking to buy sneakers, but I wanted not just a sport, but something unusual, bright, but at the same time comfortable.

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Where to buy

Now fashionable shoes on the platform, and it is on Aliexpress Bomlight there were those who liked me in all respects. I read the reviews, looked at photos from real buyer, I always do on this website and decided to order these sneakers.

Bought them for 1315,18 rubles here on this page, to the Kemerovo region came less than a month, which was a pleasant surprise, because on Aliexpress often parcels are long. It was Packed in the package but was pleased that everything came together.

Quality and comfortable wear

Shoes themselves on the platform, about four or five inches. The sole is white, soft, bends well. On the heel red stripe and the inscription the EAF. They are colorful, look very bright, the colors red, green and blue.

Trim the back with blue tape, this gives it the undone style. Very original made shoes. Lacing in a chaotic manner and comprises two laces, one yellow, the other black and white. The laces are long and they can do a lot of options that will allow each time to give the sneakers a new style.

The size of the brand Bomlight choice of not Russian, but there is a table with centimeters and European size. I measured the foot on the paper an inch, turned 24 cm, and then chose a table. Get the size of 6.5, a European 38, but in life I wear 36-37. Therefore, I advise to take a size or even two sizes larger. And it is better to measure in inches like I do.

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Running shoes to wear comfortable, very soft. It is clear that for sports they are not particularly fit, but walk the most. It is advisable to wear in dry weather as they are easily soiled, but it depends on the person.


At the foot look large as in fashion now, all big and shapeless. I like to wear them for a walk with the child, but to date they are also suitable. In them you will not remain unnoticed. Perfectly suited to COCKCON shirt and jeans Moms.

With such shoes, you can pick up a huge number of images. So, I recommend these shoes to anyone looking for something similar. Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate to order. Again, took on Aliexpress here.