Women’s exquisite watch Gimto

Beautiful women’s quartz watch with Japanese movement. After several attempts to buy a watch with quartz movement on Aliexpress, decided to choose a model slightly more expensive, but with the hope of a decent quality and stylish appearance.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Characteristics and quality
  3. Appearance and dial
  4. Strap and sastika
  5. Opinion

Where to buy

In the end the choice fell on a concise version with a round dial and steel bracelet. The order was made in the official store manufacturer Gimto here. The cost at the time of order 1118,22 RUB.

A small caveat: I originally chose a different model (900), placed the order, but the seller wrote me that the correct color is not in stock and offered in a different color.

Because I needed a silver watch, found in the same shop a similar option, send a link to the seller, and he sent them to me. Despite the difference in cost in a big way (even a little, only 100 rubles, but still))) I do not pay extra, what’s more, according to reports from the seller, he was even glad that I offered him a way out)).

The store presents a choice of options with different combination of colors of the dials, case and straps. My — Silver White Box.Shipping — Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

The delivery time is about three weeks. Packaging — envelope — some bubble wrap, lots of layers, which does not give the possibility to defect during delivery. And so it happened, the watch arrived safe and sound, without chipping or scratches, in excellent condition. Driving hours was not, I ran them myself.

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Characteristics and quality

Product description:

  • Brand: GIMTO;
  • Movement: Quartz;
  • Band material: Stainless Steel;
  • Case material: Stainless Steel;
  • Case diameter: 32 mm;
  • Length of strap: 22 cm;
  • Bracelet width: 16 mm;
  • Water Resistance: 3 Bar.

The watch is stated as waterproof, but I’m still afraid to soak them and remove before the water treatments, but quietly in my hands, are cleaned, prepared, so that a slight amount of water gets on them anyway, but they are not afraid.

Appearance and dial

The dial is white, the figures are not available, with the four main division of rhinestones. Minute, hour, second hand in silver color. In the upper hemisphere, the title of the brand.

In the right hemisphere a date window. The engraved manufacturer on the reverse side of the dial and on the clasp. Case and strap in silver color. Ticking quietly, almost inaudible.

Strap and sastika

To open the clasp, it must be lifted up, so the gift of a hand fit hold securely. Strap on my arm turned out great, had to move the buckle, it is not difficult and easy to do with the help of a small screwdriver.

If you want roughly the same compact sophisticated design, but with a black dial, please note this model is from Enmex.


In the end, for hours I was very pleased. Without removing the burden for 3 months, ticking the minute. The quality is outstanding, are working properly. Look very stylish.

Featuring a metal bracelet, weighty enough. Look more of their money. In General, I was satisfied, contact the seller, the watch is super, so I recommend! Again, took the official on this page in Aliexpress.

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