Women’s epilator with hot wax

Even in Ancient Rome and Greece, it was believed that a woman’s hair is acceptable only on the head. The presence on the body was either rude, or a sign of belonging to lower classes.

In the modern world, well-groomed woman also can not afford the vegetation either on the feet or hands, and other things we won’t even mention. That not only people have invented for getting rid of unwanted hair!

However, until recently, the issues of hair removal, I was not interested.

I – breed of the lucky few natural blondes, and besides, my hair is very thin therefore completely invisible on the body.

But it’s time I got married, had my wonderful daughter, and amid all of the hormone changes, my body gave me a nasty surprise.

The appearance of my legs disfigured they are, those hairs, from which the ladies were disposed of in Ancient Rome. After reading articles online, from the use of tools I resolutely refused, electric cars scared me because of their use painful. I stopped waxing too frustrating, but at least quickly.

And I went to the beauty salon for a new procedure. What can I say, it was not as unpleasant as sometimes described. And all is good, but I’m not used to lay this expense in your budget, and the time on the way to the salon and back was pathetic. After receiving three treatments, I thought that the process technology is readily available for home performance. Here only where to take the equipment and materials? And I know where! And cheaper than in the shops, but not worse.

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Walking through Aliexpress, chose this seller, I decided to buy epilator it because there were a lot of good feedback on all sold goods.

Fotgrafia made specifically for your site Alimpopo

Here I bought a wax cartridge and non-woven napkins. All together it was about 20$ at the time. Paid, the product was shipped in two days, and came to me in a month. Himself to help melting wax faster was Packed in the original cardboard box and mail the package. The packaging is a little smushed in the road, but the product remained intact. A separate parcel arrived the wipes cartridge.


Procedure to acquaint you will not, I believe, this process is known to many. And if not, then descriptions, text and video, the Internet is full. The only thing I consider necessary to mention is the time of heating of wax. It takes 5-7 minutes, no more. Do not repeat my mistake!

The first time I decided to warm up the wax better and in the end burnt the skin. Legs ached then a week, and even blood vessels under the skin burst. The experience repulsed me the desire to engage in independent action. But laying out the money for a couple of treatments and asking a few careful questions to the beautician, I ventured to give my gizmo a second chance and never regretted it.

Summing up, I want to say that this is a very good acquisition. The cost of the entire set in China via Aliexpress is lower than the cost of a single salon treatment, cartridge lasts for 3-5 times. The entire process at home takes about 10-15 minutes and legs then pleased with their appearance for about a month. In General, I am very pleased.

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Still I can recommend women’s electric trimmer battery-operated firms Kemei five-in-one and the brush for cleaning the face of JP — very useful for health and beauty!