Women’s business shirt Rogi

As soon as I saw the print and colors of this strict Rogi shirt long sleeve, just realized it should be in my wardrobe. Ordered on Aliexpress in the store Betty Factory Direct Sales, here is a link to the shirt, the rating on the product a good to 4.6.

The purchase price 7.99 S, the product came in 4 weeks.

The contents

  1. The quality and condition
  2. Appearance
  3. Size
  4. Accessories
  5. Cut and fabric
  6. Conclusion

The quality and condition

This time, I Ali lucky, excellent condition. No protruding thread, and all seams are perfectly smooth, the print is printed very well without any typos and divorces.

Quality shirt Rogi — synthetic. Very pleasant to the body, but strongly electrified. Before wear, we advise to wash with a conditioner that will reduce static or use static. By the way after washing the paint does not drip and has not given divorce is a big plus.



Shop this model is available in sizes from S to XXXL. . Height 168 cm, 83х64х90, I ordered size S and it fits perfectly. Shirt shrunk in the photo, quite freely, does not hinder the movement, the shoulder is in its place, sleeve length perfect.

If you have naturally broad shoulders, we recommend ordering a size larger your to avoid the problem of wrong fit and short sleeves. Even if the shoulder will be a little down, your shirt will not lose all its elegance, it should not be that tight.


Standard shirt buttons at center and cuffs (all complete), the loops are cut is a huge plus (one who often orders Ali probably faced with a similar problem).

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Cut and fabric

Shirt straight cut, free. The fabric is quite dense, but a little see-through (I won’t count it as a disadvantage, because when the final image it doesn’t look negative).

The sleeve on the cuff full-length, collar — classic.

The back is long, due to this during wear it is possible to fill only the front of the shirt, also in the middle there is a crease through which movement does not become inhibited.

And the most important thing is colors. Print is so good on its color that will be combined with absolutely everything. It, so vividly caught my attention.


Great shirt brand Rogi for everyday output.

This purchase I was satisfied almost 100%. The only drawback is the electrification of a product, but with proper care, the problem is solved. In terms of price and appearance it really is a good buy, I can definitely advise to purchase. Again, here is a link to the product on Aliexpress.

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