Women laser epilator Lobe Moky — do not take!

Last winter there was a question about laser hair removal, as the beach in the summer would like to look your best, without papillae and ingrown hairs (girls will understand). Because of the high cost of treatments in the salon, to run there at the first opportunity did not, and decided to try laser epilator Lobe Moky with Aliexpress, the more some of the reviews were very encouraging

The contents

  1. Purchasing, shipping and packaging
  2. Equipment and experience
  3. Use

Purchasing, shipping and packaging

So, shipping was fast, just two weeks later the parcel arrived at the post office of Krasnodar. The box was wrapped with several layers of bubble film and packaged in a postal package, but the edges of the box still a bit hesitated. But as the epilator was purchased for personal use and not for a gift, the problem is not significant.

Now let’s talk about the originator of the opinion.

Equipment and experience

Package contents: Shaver, power cord with adapter (included several) for different sockets, extra cartridge with lamp, goggles and instruction in English, at first glance, a very serious camera.


Procedure of application: Skin must be dry and clean, you can’t use the epilator on a tanned body, on the moles, age spots and inflamed areas. The hairs should be as short 1-2 mm, so for a few days before the procedure it is better to shave.

The power is set depending on skin tone, lighter than he, the higher power, personally I have always used at maximum Cartridge lamp should fit snugly to the skin, otherwise the flash just simply doesn’t work, which is not very convenient in areas with protruding bones, for example at the ankles.

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On the body has several buttons, which are power adjusted flashes on and the lights on the sides show a willingness of the epilator to work.

Triggered by the flash button on the handle, the recycle time of 3 seconds, that is, you pressed the button, the flash has been fired, then wait 3 seconds, then again click on the button, but the next area of skin, etc. For example, the processing of your underarms takes about 15 minutes, while in the cabin, it takes minutes, 2 — 3

So why do I, after three months of use still went to the salon? Yes, because all this time I saw absolutely no effect…

Some reviewers wrote that the hair growth slows down, the hairs become thinner, and some even stop growing. So, in my case as it was before and remained after.

Used regularly, every two weeks I got out the razor and did everything according to instructions, that is all I did 7 treatments. Flash was felt as a tingling sensation, moreover, was the smell of burning hair that gives hope for the efficiency of the unit, but alas… At the time, when after just one treatment at the salon, received more than 50% of the hair, so I think comments are superfluous.

To sum up: This unit can only advise to meet lyubopitnost If you want to see real results, don’t waste your money on this stuff, and go to the salon and you will be happy!))

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