Women costume cosplay from Aliexpress size

Among young people is gaining momentum a new hobby — cosplay. In Russia annually hosts several festivals devoted to the presentation of the costumes.

To one of these festivals I was going to get. Since I am new in this field, immediately came the question — where to order suit at an affordable price. To order out too much and came to the rescue of Aliexpress.

There is one very important detail, which is very long did not dare to make an order in the online store — the specificity of body proportions and costume. Dress — direct, but it should not hang at the hips. As well as the shoulders wider than the hips, the standard size costume did not fit.

Fortunately has been found suit able to stitch it according to the specified standards, it was necessary to specify the height, weight, chest, girth of the shoulders, hips and waist in the order comments (link to lot Ali).

The cost is $ 75. (for comparison, when sewing on order, it was necessary to pay $ 77 for sewing + purchase fabrics and materials at your own expense)

For sewing only took two weeks, nervous as the seller has not specified initially, the terms of the sewing and did not extend the protection order.

But, the costume is sewn, Packed and hit the road. The order was shipped via free shipping, ePacket within 2 weeks (destination Moscow). Came in the mail, just a notification that you can pick.

Taken on the same day and started unpacking.

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The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Dress
  3. Cloak
  4. Belt
  5. Hat
  6. Gloves
  7. Chalker
  8. Stocking
  9. Bandage
  10. Cons
  11. Conclusion


The set includes: dress, Cape, belt, hat, pair of gloves, choker, stocking, bandages and eye patch.

Let’s start in order.


High quality sewn, village great. Sticking a couple of threads, but this is quickly solved by pruning. There is a side zipper for comfortable dressing. On the chest sewn two fasteners for the Cape.

Fabric pleasant to the touch, not the brand, almost not wrinkled. Dense enough, but breathes well, went in this costume in the heat above 30 degrees. The seams are all inside, careful not to felt body, stitching is strong, nothing crawling, nothing torn or dissolved.


The fabric composition is the same as on the dress, but thinner and slightly transparent. Consists of a rigid collar mounts to the dress and the rest of the fabric. The cloak is heavy enough that if he was not blown away by the wind. Not wrinkled, not Mara, passed the test of rain and sitting on the grass. Again, the seams are done well and nothing is spreading.


Different from what was shown in the photos. The holes are just cut (in the picture, they were with special rings that protect from the spread).

Dense and hard, is well kept in the desired position, but lacks the loops for fastening the free end, had to wear a similar color scrunchie. The buckle is metal, but goes bad very quickly, already there were signs of corrosion.


Different from what is shown in the examples. Buttons — just glued pieces of tissue (for examples of finished product pictured was full of buttons)
Ribbon-decoration is done efficiently and accurately according to the concept of the character. The brim is solid, but since the package it had been folded too much, not smoothed to the end and it hung on the face or neck.

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Itself hat no size was large, but not fidgeting and not slip on the forehead or the back of the head, because wearing it quite comfortable.


Different from what was proposed initially (no incision on the outer side of the palm). Soft, easy stretch, stretch. Easily remove and put on. Do not stick to the skin, the material seems thick enough, but not stuffy.


Dimensionless, had to take to not hung. Made from the same material as the dress coat. Not choking, not mesh, not felt in the neck, despite the metal buckle.


Just a piece of stretchy fabric sewn together. Much slide, not hanging onto your leg. Had to be replaced by the ordinary golfini from the store.


Was attached a coil of conventional medical, non-sterile bandage. Not preserved, because in the first hours all razlomalis and crumbled to threads. Not hanging onto your leg and all the time slips and unravels. Was replaced by an elastic bandage.


Blindfold the seller in the package is not put for unknown reasons. Returned it for her money, $ 10.

In addition, the flaws I want to note the fastening of his cloak. Plastic rivets holding the cloak, he flew constantly and had to secure it with pins.


Goods very satisfied, despite its shortcomings.

Depart it for three of the festival for the last six months. Fell under the rain, walking in the intense heat, but felt no discomfort, which speaks about the quality of the costume. Again, ordered on Aliexpress on this page here.

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