With the Aliexpress will not free shipping to Russia and CIS countries

Officially announced that Aliexpress will no longer be possible to order products without the track numbers (07,02,2017). Many users find this move strange and particularly frightening innovation enthusiasts to do cheap orders with free shipping, because, as a rule, the shipping method with tracking number is possible only when you are paid, the more expensive options otpravki.

Worth noting: without the track numbers cannot be ordered only the goods, worth more than 2$ — it applies to Russia, to CIS countries (significantly so far we know only about Ukraine and Belarus) and the «indulgences» will not.

Many associate this step of the Ali with the constant abuse of a large number of users ordering the «without tracking», and later opens a dispute on non-receipt of goods to return the full value. In this case, the seller really didn’t have any evidence about the actual sending.

In the network there were rumors about the blocking of the ability of orders with free shipping for such accounts, but apparently it didn’t work.

On the other hand, the question arises: is it only buyers from Russia and CIS countries have thought of this «minor fraud»? Or we just know little about the possible ways of delivery to other countries…

Although, on YouTube I found this opinion:

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Everything is so bad?

Let’s think… actually free shipping free only for the customer, and pays for it the seller, sending often the cheapest way. Obviously, for relatively more expensive items, say$ 50, sellers will provide free shipping with track code. But for desevedly in the range of 2-50$ will have to pay ONLY the code itself, and to go be the standard in the simplest way (small package), but you will observe, where now fly your headphones or sneakers.

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Anyway, let’s wait and see.

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